Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

3.009.08 11:43:09Check.6.8 km NE of Krýsuvík
2.409.08 09:27:27Check.2.1 km ESE of Keilir
2.209.08 10:06:50Check.6.3 km ESE of Árnes
2.109.08 09:22:32Check.4.3 km N of Krýsuvík
1.908.08 23:22:26Check.9.3 km E of Grímsey
1.809.08 16:33:11Check.4.9 km NNE of Krýsuvík
1.709.08 03:32:24Check.9.0 km NW of Lokatindur
1.608.08 17:08:08Check.4.2 km NNE of Krýsuvík
1.509.08 00:36:48Check.7.2 km WNW of Reykjanestá
1.409.08 07:01:29Check.2.9 km SW of Keilir