Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

5.620.10 13:43:15Check.3.9 km WNW of Krýsuvík
4.020.10 15:27:12Check.1.3 km SE of Fagradalsfjall
3.920.10 15:34:40Check.1.8 km E of Fagradalsfjall
3.720.10 17:37:5690.062.2 km WNW of Eldeyjarboði
3.620.10 14:01:43Check.5.3 km E of Keilir
3.520.10 15:28:16Check.0.8 km SE of Fagradalsfjall
3.420.10 14:05:4290.11.8 km NNE of Fagradalsfjall
3.320.10 13:51:11Check.4.0 km W of Krýsuvík
3.220.10 13:51:36Check.1.2 km E of Fagradalsfjall
3.120.10 14:04:48Check.4.5 km ESE of Keilir