Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

3.626.02 23:00:44Check.526.2 km NNE of Kolbeinsey
2.628.02 16:21:12Check.3.5 km SSW of Eiturhóll
2.327.02 18:18:57Check.1.0 km W of Krýsuvík
2.127.02 18:08:51Check.1.1 km WSW of Krýsuvík
2.026.02 19:51:24Check.8.6 km ENE of Krýsuvík
1.827.02 17:45:45Check.1.8 km NW of Eldeyjardrangur
1.728.02 13:17:2090.01.1 km E of Eldey
1.527.02 11:26:12Check.1.8 km SW of Fagradalsfjall
1.426.02 19:13:52Check.8.7 km ENE of Krýsuvík
1.326.02 19:05:08Check.8.6 km ENE of Krýsuvík