Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

2.019.09 22:54:20Check.4.1 km NE of Geirfuglasker
1.819.09 01:15:22Check.16.3 km SSE of Grímsey
1.718.09 23:03:14Check.3.8 km WSW of Dreki
1.619.09 22:44:52Check.7.1 km W of Dreki
1.519.09 04:49:16Check.7.2 km NNE of Reykjanestá
1.418.09 23:42:53Check.1.9 km WSW of Herðubreiðarlindir
1.320.09 00:33:46Check.2.0 km NNW of Krýsuvík
1.218.09 15:39:54Check.13.4 km NNE of Grímsey
1.118.09 14:39:11Check.3.7 km S of Herðubreið
1.018.09 18:15:02Check.33.8 km ESE of Grímsey