Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

2.509.12 07:20:10Check.2.5 km SSE of Landmannalaugar
2.308.12 21:13:40Check.6.7 km ENE of Hamarinn
1.908.12 22:01:5746.37.0 km ENE of Laugarvatn
1.808.12 22:09:22Check.1.6 km SW of Grímsfjall
1.709.12 03:21:37Check.22.9 km NE of Skjaldbreið
1.508.12 13:54:19Check.2.9 km ENE of Skeggi á Hengli
1.408.12 22:42:4033.012.6 km NW of Hágöngulón
1.308.12 22:16:57Check.3.6 km WSW of Grímsfjall
1.108.12 17:14:56Check.4.3 km NW of Herðubreiðarlindir
1.008.12 16:52:16Check.8.9 km WSW of Landmannalaugar