Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

3.926.11 23:07:48Check.392.3 km SSW of Eldeyjarboði
3.526.11 03:17:42Check.0.8 km W of Vatnafjöll
2.126.11 06:23:55Check.1.4 km SW of Vatnafjöll
2.025.11 21:55:13Check.1.4 km WSW of Vatnafjöll
1.926.11 02:31:55Check.24.4 km W of Jöklasel
1.826.11 13:14:37Check.4.7 km NNW of Hábunga
1.726.11 17:49:0390.07.9 km NNE of Reykjanestá
1.626.11 11:51:35Check.17.1 km ENE of Grímsey
1.425.11 03:11:46Check.5.5 km NE of Selfoss
1.325.11 04:10:34Check.5.3 km ENE of Selfoss