Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

2.923.07 15:03:03Check.11.5 km NNW of Álftavatn
2.425.07 00:34:16Check.3.6 km N of Krýsuvík
1.923.07 10:58:57Check.7.9 km SSE of Eiríksjökull
1.824.07 16:32:22Check.42.2 km W of Grímsey
1.623.07 15:02:16Check.11.0 km WSW of Landmannalaugar
1.523.07 11:24:30Check.5.5 km ESE of Hamarinn
1.224.07 09:51:27Check.0.7 km WSW of Krýsuvík
1.023.07 12:53:35Check.1.0 km SE of Keilir
0.923.07 13:19:02Check.5.9 km E of Hamarinn
0.823.07 12:29:41Check.8.7 km NNE of Hábunga