Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

3.122.02 20:10:32Check.3.6 km N of Reykjanestá
2.722.02 04:41:44Check.4.6 km WNW of Reykjanestá
2.521.02 20:17:30Check.3.9 km NNW of Gjögurtá
2.322.02 06:07:32Check.4.8 km WNW of Reykjanestá
2.222.02 04:59:20Check.4.1 km WNW of Reykjanestá
2.021.02 18:33:58Check.7.2 km NW of Gjögurtá
1.922.02 03:49:06Check.7.0 km NNW of Gjögurtá
1.822.02 06:21:53Check.5.7 km NNE of Grindavík
1.721.02 21:24:17Check.10.8 km NNW of Kverkfjöll
1.621.02 18:07:53Check.5.0 km N of Gjögurtá