Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

2.822.05 09:59:00Check.36.2 km SW of Eldeyjarboði
2.222.05 08:58:36Check.18.1 km SW of Eldeyjarboði
2.122.05 02:22:09Check.5.5 km WNW of Eldeyjardrangur
1.820.05 18:21:50Check.0.9 km NE of Sundhnúkur
1.721.05 02:26:09Check.7.0 km N of Dreki
1.620.05 19:15:58Check.6.6 km NNW of Akureyri
1.520.05 20:16:13Check.25.5 km ESE of Grímsey
1.420.05 15:36:29Check.2.1 km NNE of Hellisheiðarvirkjun
1.320.05 14:39:59Check.2.9 km E of Eiturhóll
1.220.05 16:50:50Check.1.0 km NE of Sundhnúkur