Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

3.116.01 23:31:02Check.8.2 km ENE of Goðabunga
2.515.01 14:21:55Check.15.4 km SE of Árnes
2.416.01 03:34:20Check.6.9 km NW of Grindavík
2.215.01 14:12:28Check.15.4 km SE of Árnes
2.016.01 01:38:05Check.2.2 km WSW of Fagradalsfjall
1.915.01 23:54:13Check.9.5 km NE of Flatey
1.816.01 04:42:35Check.7.1 km NW of Grindavík
1.715.01 09:59:10Check.4.0 km S of Keilir
1.616.01 09:58:59Check.17.3 km ESE of Grenivík
1.515.01 14:16:54Check.15.4 km SE of Árnes