Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

2.913.06 07:47:14Check.12.5 km WSW of Kópasker
2.212.06 15:20:28Check.3.7 km WNW of Eldeyjarboði
2.113.06 00:34:05Check.8.8 km NNW of Gjögurtá
2.013.06 03:01:42Check.1.6 km NW of Reykjanestá
1.913.06 02:43:26Check.3.2 km NE of Dreki
1.713.06 01:43:01Check.9.0 km NW of Gjögurtá
1.612.06 13:09:46Check.1.3 km NW of Húsavík
1.514.06 02:22:3438.210.6 km NNE of Reykjanestá
1.412.06 12:10:0887.232.3 km W of Grímsey
1.313.06 06:25:20Check.2.5 km NE of Fagradalsfjall