Largest earthquakes during the last 48 hours

4.204.03 17:14:3469.410.5 km E of Krýsuvík
4.105.03 11:50:51Check.3.3 km SW of Fagradalsfjall
3.904.03 18:53:41Check.5.0 km N of Grindavík
3.704.03 19:46:13Check.6.0 km WSW of Fagradalsfjall
3.604.03 17:15:19Check.5.1 km N of Grindavík
3.504.03 14:16:14Check.4.0 km NNW of Grindavík
3.404.03 19:54:2469.858.6 km SSW of Eldeyjarboði
3.304.03 17:16:40Check.1.3 km S of Fagradalsfjall
3.204.03 20:06:25Check.4.6 km WSW of Fagradalsfjall
3.104.03 17:15:47Check.1.2 km SE of Fagradalsfjall