Text forecasts

Weather outlook

Northwest and west 8-15 m/s, but 15-23 m/s in the southeast until late afternoon. Widely intense snow showers and temperatures about freezing, but moderating and still becoming colder in the evening.
Easterly winds tomorrow, wiedly 5-10 m/s with light snow showers, but slower winds and partly cloudy in the north part. Frost generally 1 to 12 deg, C, but above freezing at the southern seafront.
Forecast made: 27.02 09:58. Valid until: 29.02 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Thursday:
North 8 to 15 m/s, strongest in the east part. Light snowshowers but mainly fair in the south part. Frost 0 to 14 degrees Celcius, coldest in the north part.

On Friday:
North 8 to 15 m/s with snowshowers but fair weather in the south part. Frost 2 to 13 deg, C.

On Saturday:
Light variable wind and widely fair but cool northerly wind with isolated snowshowers by the east coast. Ongoing cold weather.

On Sunday and Monday:
Looks like easterly or variable winds with light precipitation but mostly fair in the west part. Rising temperatures.
Forecast made: 27.02 09:17. Valid until: 05.03 12:00.