Text forecasts

Weather outlook

East and northeast 8-15 and rain. Becoming southerly 3-10 with decreasing rain in the afternoon, first in the south, and clearing up in the NE-part this evenig.
South 8-13 m/s tomorrow but somewhat calmer in east Iceland. Showers of rain but mostly fair in the northeast part. Temperature 8 to 15 deg C. warmest in the NE, and somewhat warmer tomorrow. Becoming rain in southeast Iceland late tomorrow eveing.
Forecast made: 05.08 11:01. Valid until: 07.08 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Friday:
Westerly wind 3-10 m/s. Widely rain but clearing and becoming dry in the east part in afternoon. Temperatures widely 8 to 18 degrees Celcius warmest in the northeast part.

On Saturday:
Southwest wind 3-8 m/s and rainshowers in the west part, elsewhere partly fair. Temperatures 7 to 17 degrees, warmest in the southeast part.

On Sunday:
Southerly wind, widely 8-13 m/s. Widely rain and temperatures from 9 to 14 deg. C. Mainly dry in the northeast part with temperatures topping at 18 degrees.

On Monday and Tuesday:
Looks like southerly winds with rain in the south and west parts, elsewhere partly fair. Temperatures ranging from 10 to 18 degrees, warmest in the northeast part of the countrly.
Forecast made: 05.08 08:29. Valid until: 12.08 12:00.