Text forecasts

Weather outlook

Southwest 13-18 m/s and snow showers, but dry in the east part and lighter wind there until afternoon. Temperature near or below freezing.

Southerly 15-25 tomorrow, most wind in the north and northwest. Rain in the south and the west, partly cloudy elsewhere. Becoming warmer, temperatures between 5 and 11 degrees C in the afternoon.
Forecast made: 04.02 05:22. Valid until: 05.02 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Sunday:
South 15-25 m/s, strongest in the north and northwest. Considerable rain, but mainly dry in the northeast. Becoming warmer, temperature 5 to 11 degrees C by afternoon. Turns to southwest 10-18 with rain- or snowshowers and becoming colder in the west by evening.

On Monday:
Southwest 13-20 m/s and widespread snow- or sleetshowers, but dry in the east. Becoming colder, light frost in all parts by evening.

On Tuesday:
Southwest strong gale with snow or rain and later snowshowers. Temperatures around freezing point.

On Wednesday:
Decreasing southwest wind and snowshowers but mainly fair in the northeast. Frost 2 to 7 deg. C.

On Thursday:
Westerly or variable wind and snowshowers in most parts. Cold temperatures.

On Friday:
Looks like a low will pass over Iceland with variable winds, considerable precipitation and rather warming temperatures.
Forecast made: 03.02 21:43. Valid until: 10.02 12:00.