Text forecasts

Weather outlook

SW 8-15 m/s today, strongest in the NW-part. Partly cloudy in E-Iceland, temperature 14 to 22 deg. C. Light rain or drizzle at times in the W-part, temperature 10 to 14 deg. C. Similar weather tomorrow.
Forecast made: 25.06 04:17. Valid until: 26.06 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Wednesday:
West 8-13 and occational percipitation, but dry and fair in East Iceland. Temperature 12 to 22 deg. C., warmest in the East.

On Thursday:
Southwest 5-13 m/s and some rain in the West, but partly fair in the East. Similar temperatures.

On Friday:
Southwesterly wind and some rain, least though in North and East Iceland. Temperature 10 to 20 deg.C., warmest in the East.

On Saturday:
Easterly wind and occational rain. Temperature 8 to 17 deg. C, mildest in Southwest Iceland.

On Sunday:
Northeasterly wind and rain, but mostly dry in Southwest and West parts. Cooling temperatures.

On Monday:
Northerly wind and cloudy. Temperature 5-13 deg., mildest south of the highlands.
Forecast made: 24.06 20:26. Valid until: 01.07 12:00.