Text forecasts

Weather outlook

E-ly wind 3-8 m/s, but 8-13 m/s in the far S. Some showers of rain or sleet, but mostly dry in the N. NE-ly 5-13 m/s tomorrow. Light showers of snow in NE- and E-Iceland, and a chance of rainshowers by the SW-coast, but partly fair in the W.

Temperature 2 to 9 deg. C. during the day, but widely below freezing overnight.
Forecast made: 14.05 15:13. Valid until: 16.05 00:00.

Weather forecast for the next several days

On Sunday:
Northeasterly, 8-15 m/s and light occational snow or rain in the N- and E-parts, fair in the S- and W-parts. Temperatures 0 to 8 degrees C by daytime, mildest in the S-part.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:
Northeasterly or variable wind 5-13 m/s and light snowshowers in the NE- and E-parts with temperatures around or over freezing level. Maily dry in other parts with temperatures from 3-9 degrees by daytime, but odds of rainshowers by the S-coastline.

On Thursday:
Looks like northerly wind with snowshowers in the N- and E-parts, fair weather south of the central heathlands. Cool temperatures.
Forecast made: 14.05 08:37. Valid until: 21.05 12:00.