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Light variable wind, but northeast 8-13 m/s in the northwest part in the afternoon. Drizzle or light rain, but showers in the south part during the afternoon, heavy in places. Temperature 8 to 16 deg. C, warmest in southwest Iceland.
Forecast made 26.08.2016 00:59

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Dyngjujökull station - 23.8.2016

In June 2016 a weather station was established on the upper reaches of Dyngjujökull, about 10 km north of the Grimsvötn caldera, at 1689 m above sea level.

A seismometer has been in operation by the IMO at the site since the autumn of 2014 and the main purpose of the new weather station is to monitor conditions at this important location in the network, amongst the volcanoes of Vatnajökull.

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Nordic Seismology Seminar in Iceland - 11.8.2016

The 47th Nordic Seismology Seminar will be held in Reykjavík, 11-13 October 2016.

The meeting will commence on Tuesday in the early afternoon and last until Thursday evening.

Those who are interested in attending, are encouraged to apply for participation.

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On the Bárðarbunga gradual caldera collapse - 4.8.2016

The eruption in Holuhraun in central Iceland in 2014 - 2015 was the largest seen in Iceland since 1783. The ice-filled caldera of Bárðarbunga central volcano collapsed during the eruption as 1.9 km³ of magma flowed laterally from a magma reservoir under the volcano. Eruptions of this type are not common. This caldera collapse is the first where it has been possible to carry out detailed observations during the events. Unique data was obtained that threw new light on the mechanism of caldera collapses and their interaction with the associated eruptions. A large team of scientists has analyzed the data from Bárðarbunga and published the results in the journal Science.

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On the micro-earthquake activity at Mýrdalsjökull - 29.7.2016

Seismic activity in the Katla caldera has increased in recent weeks, but this is not unusual during the summertime. The activity is associated with drainage of meltwater from several known ice-cauldrons due to hydrothermal activity. Four small floods have been detected and a smell of sulfur has been reported from several locations; these events combined with higher conductivity indicate presence of geothermal water. Measurements around Katla are not detecting signs of increased ground deformation or seismic tremor, both of which would be indicators of magma movement. Experts at IMO assess that an eruption is not imminent, however, a hazardous flood cannot be ruled out.

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Warning to travellers on the Laugavegur trek - 28.7.2016

Travellers on “Laugavegur” in South Iceland, the popular highland trek from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk, are warned that water levels have risen in river Bláfjallakvísl, north of Mýrdalsjökull.

Hikers are advised not to attempt to cross the river, as waist-high water levels have been reported. The water discharge is expected to continue increasing over the week-end due to warm weather.

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Hekla strain station

Monitoring of Hekla - 7.7.2016

Of the thirty active volcanic systems in Iceland, Hekla is one of the most active and potentially dangerous. In this summary we outline the types of hazards that might occur during the next Hekla eruption, and how the Icelandic Meteorological Office is monitoring the region.

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Sea ice around Iceland

Ice in the ocean around Iceland has mostly arrived from afar.

It comes here from the Denmark strait, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean, between Iceland and Greenland. Sometimes the ice comes directly from north to the northeast corner of Iceland, but all the ice comes from the same source: the East-Greenland current which flows from the Arctic Ocean due south along the east coast of Greenland, passing northwest Iceland.

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