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    Increased water levels are expected in SE and E today with increased risk of mud slides.
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    Severe gales (more than 20 m/s) expected in the highlands, also in the northeast part for a period today. Heavy rain expected in SE-Iceland. Valid to 25.09.2017 00:00 More

Prohibited area around the Holuhraun lava field

Possible danger of flooding


A reduction in the access controlled area was announced 16.03.2015 (pdf 0.8 Mb). An estimate of the  danger of flooding was made, see bottom of page.


The restricted area extends 20 m outside the edges of the new lava field, to the edge of Dyngjujökull glacier on the south side, the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum to the east and to the westernmost branches of Jökulsá á Fjöllum in the west. Enlarge.

Preliminary flood risk assessment

Preliminary flood risk assessment for Jökulsá á Fjöllum gives flood travel times in minutes. The assigned locations (dots) are colour coded:

Red location (dot) is half an hour from the source, orange is an hour, dark yellow one and a half hours, bright yellow two hours, light green two and a half hours, green three hours and dark green three and a half hours from the source (see enlarged map).

The flood risk assessment above was used to redefine the prohibited area 17 Oct. 2014, see maps on the Bárðarbunga web of the Civil Protection Department of the NCIP. An update was made 13 February 2015 which does not affect the flood risk assessment above.

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