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    In the next days snow-melting is expected with increase in water levels. More
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Weather forecast

Weather forecast for the next 24 hours

Soutwest 10-18 m/s, windiest in NW-Iceland, moderating during afternoon. Drizzle or rain, but mainly fair in the east part. South 13-18 m/s and rain in the west pats tomorrow, but lighter and dry in the east. Temperatures 8 to 15 degrees C, but 15 to 20 C in the east parts.
Forecast made 26.05.2016 10:44

Forecaster's remarks

Expecting strong wind gusts (about 30 m/s) in the northwest parts today.
Prepared by the meteorologist on duty 26.05.2016 10:44

Precipitation Temperature Wind

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On the Bárðarbunga earthquakes - 20.5.2016

Seismic measurements around the Bárðarbunga volcano show that the seismic moment release on the caldera ring fault has been gradually increasing since mid September 2015. This means that stronger earthquakes than before are detected in the last months. Despite of the increasing activity, there are currently no signs of volcanic tremor.

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Supercomputer in Iceland - 10.5.2016

In order to fulfill environmental requirements, the DMI approached the IMO for a cooperation on a supercomputer. In 2014 a contract was signed and now the supercomputer is in full operation at IMO's premises. The cooperation is based on a long term, consistent relationship. DMI owns and runs the supercomputer while IMO operates the site infrastructure and costs are shared. This article gives the basic facts of the project and provides links to photos from the inauguration as well as a recording of the lectures.

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Warning - storm in Iceland - 11.3.2016

Icelandic Met. Office issues warning for bad weather conditions in Iceland tomorrow, Saturday 12th of March.

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A FUTUREVOLC exercise - 12.2.2016

Over three days at the end of January 2016 all 26 FutureVolc partners, together with additional Stakeholders, were involved in responding to an evolving eruption scenario. The exercise was a great test of the new instrumentation and procedures introduced by FutureVolc.

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Storm in Iceland - 4.2.2016

Strong gale or storm with moderate or extreme precipitation first in the southern part. Moderating in the southwestern parts by evening, in the southeast parts early morning, in the north and east tomorrow morning, but not until tomorrow afternoon in the northwest.

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The weather in Iceland 2015 - 29.1.2016

The weather in 2015 was considered unfavourable, except the autumn. The winter was dominated by a series of heavy windstorms, often with snow and rain. In late April, cold and northerly winds set in and persisted until the end of August, often with heavy precipitation in the Northeast and East, but in the Southwest the weather was slightly more favourable. The autumn (September to November) was the most favourable part of the year. The year 2015 was the coldest in Iceland since 2000, but this period has generally been abnormally warm so the average temperature was close to the 1961-1990 mean. In most parts of the country, the precipitation was well above normal.

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The weather app improved

Weather forecasts and the current weather condition can be checked through an improved weather app provided by IMO.

Forecasts are now provided for each hour and the meteograms are available again.

Location is detected if GPS on; alerts issued by the Met Office appear automatically during the day and a personal weather watch can be arranged.

An interactive weather map shows weather observations at any station in the country.

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