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Weather forecast

Weather forecast for the next 24 hours

Easterly 13-20 m/s with rain in the south parts, but 18-23 by the southwest coast at first. Lighter winds an dry in the north until afternoon. Turning lighter southerlies with rainshowers in the afternoon, and partly clearing in the evening in the northeast. Becoming south 15-20 m/s over Reykjanes peninsula during a period in the evening and westerly 13-20 by the south coast tomorrow morning with showers of rain or sleet. More moderate winds in the north and mainly dry in the east. Temperatures 2 to 8 deg. C. but becoming colder tomorrow evening.
Forecast made 25.10.2016 10:48

Forecaster's remarks

East and southeast 15-20 m/s and rain in the southern part, but in the northwest by afternoon. South 15-20 m/s is expected over Reykjanes peninsula during a period in the evening.
Prepared by the meteorologist on duty 25.10.2016 10:48

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Reporting floods well appreciated - 20.10.2016

With the foreword that safety is most important, reporting on flood events is welcome. Apologies; the web form is still only available in Icelandic but fairly self-explanatory. Please have a go and comment in English, that would be well appreciated.

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Severe gale or storm - 19.10.2016

South and southeast severe gale or storm has been forecast in most of Iceland until Thursday morning. Northern Snæfellsnes has had the strongest winds. This evening, winds are increasing again. Storm or gale from the southeast and then the south, is forecast for the West and the North with wind gusts over 40 m/s. Winds will decrease in the West during the night but in the North not until morning. Rising stream- and river levels are likely in many regions. Travellers are cautioned against fording. After safe arrival, please report on observed flooding.

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Update on the weather forecast and flood conditions - 13.10.2016

Following heavy rainfall overnight, stream and river levels remain high in the south.

Streams and rivers around Eyjafjallajökull, Mýrdalsjökull, and southern parts of Vatnajökull are very high. Further heavy rainfall is forecast for this region, so river levels will increase further until Thursday evening. In Selfoss, the river Ölfusá will continue to increase until late on Friday or early on Saturday.

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On the weather forecast and the flood conditions - 12.10.2016

Flooding is occurring on Barðaströnd, Snæfellsness, and at the Mýrdalsjökull ice-cap. Note that river levels around Mýrdalsjökull will increase further overnight and on Thursday.

Flood conditions are expected in streams and rivers from Mýrdalsjökull to Hornafjörður. Travellers are urged to avoid all watercourses in the above-mentioned regions in the coming days.

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Warning due to heavy rainfall and increased river levels - 11.10.2016

Tonight, tomorrow and Thursday heavy rainfall, > 100 mm/24 hrs, is forecast in the south- and western parts of Iceland. Extreme runoff from glaciers is expected and increased water levels in rivers and streams. Risk of flooding is therefore high, especially to the south and west of Langjökull glacier. There is also an elevated risk of landslides. Travelers are advised against attempting to cross non-bridged rivers and streams in these hazardous conditions. In urban areas, drains and grids should be cleared. Heavy precipitation events for longer periods such as this are highly unusual, and these conditions are extremely hazardous. Read more

47th Nordic Seismology Seminar held in Reykjavík - 7.10.2016

The 47th Nordic Seismology Seminar takes place 11 - 13 October 2016. The seminar covers a wide range of topics related to seismological research, such as automatic detection of earthquakes, improving methodology in data analysis, hazard assessment and engineering seismology, as well as structural studies of the earth's crust and upper mantle. As this year's seminar takes place in Iceland, a special focus will also be on volcano seismology, magma tracking in the crust and eruption early warning.

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Avalanches in Iceland

Catastrophic avalanches in the villages Súðavík, 16 January 1995, and Flateyri, October 1995, which killed 34 people and caused extensive economic damage, totally changed the view regarding avalanche safety in Iceland.

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