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Northerly wind 5 to 13 m/s and widely rain or drizzle in the north and east part, but fair in the south and west. Somewhat lighter and partly cloudy tomorrow, rainshowers in the northeast, but in some places drizzle at the north coast. Temperature 8 to 13 degrees in the north, but 10 to 18 in the south.
Forecast made 29.07.2014 10:35

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Rockslide into Askja caldera - 23.7.2014

An enormous rockslide fell into lake Öskjuvatn, from the southeastern rim of Askja, just before midnight 21 July 2014. As a consequence, a wave traversed the lake and into Víti, a smaller crater on the shore. No damage or casualty resulted, because neither tourists nor scientists were present. Parts of the caldera‘s rim might still be unstable and more material might fall into the lake. Traffic in the area is restricted until further notice. The responsible authority for the Askja region is the police in Húsavík.

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Small glacial outburst floods around Mýrdalsjökull - 10.7.2014

10.7.2014 Floodwater continues to drain from geothermal sources beneath Mýrdalsjökull into the rivers Múlakvísl and Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi. Conductivity levels in both rivers remain higher-than-normal, but the latest measurements show a slight decrease. Additionally, the discharge of both rivers is lower than earlier in the week.

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Climate change and hydrology: Environmental and societal effects - 4.7.2014

The climate and hydrology of Iceland are highly variable due to natural conditions. Significant changes in these factors over the last 15 years are in harmony with the future scenarios represented and affirmed in the latest IPCC summary report, AR5. The main purpose of IMO is to contribute towards security in society by monitoring, analyzing, interpreting, informing; providing warnings and forecasts and predicting natural hazards. It is important to keep the infrastructure strong so that IMO may fulfill its role.

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Weather warning - high winds and rain expected - 30.6.2014

Tomorrow, Tuesday, a rather deep low is forecasted in the southwest and west of Iceland. Heavy rain is expected, with the greatest amounts in the South tomorrow afternoon and evening. Rising stream and river levels are expected on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the Hvítá region (both west and south of Langjökull), around the Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull ice caps, and south of the Vatnajökull ice cap. Travellers are cautioned against fording rivers in these regions.

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An invaluable photo collection - 16.5.2014

Oddur Sigurðsson, geologist and a specialist in glaciological research, has taken striking photographs of the nature of Iceland for decades. The size of the collection is about 55,000 photographs. Changes in glacier margins, jökulhlaup, rock formations, volcanic eruptions, ash plumes, mudslides, landslides, rivers, river flows and waterfalls are amongst the phenomena found in this collection which is all the more valuable for its long time span.

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An earthquake in South Iceland - 9.5.2014

At 23:14 (8th May) an earthquake of magnitude 4 occurred 10 km ESE of Hestfjall, South Iceland. Observations were received from the South Iceland lowland and from Hafnarfjördur, Borgarnes and Reykjavík.

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Seismic signal associated with the Askja rockslide

The enormous rockslide on the eastern caldera rim of Askja volcano on 21st July 2014 around 23:25 was accompanied by a strong and unusual seismic signal seen even far away from the source region. The signal appeared on tremor graphs on all seismometers around Askja.

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