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Weather forecast for the next 24 hours

Decreasing SE wind in thre western part, but 15-25 elsewere. Moderate rain in the southeast, mostly dry in the north, but shovers in the west part. Temp. 3 to 10 deg.C, mildest in the north part.
Getting colder in thr afternoon with wintry shovers inthre S- and W-part, widely 10-18 tonight, strongest in the west. Moderating over night og mostly dry.
Turns to southeast 13-20 tomorrow, strongest by thr SW-coast. Sleet and later rain in the S- and W-part, but dry in the N and east. Getting warmer again.

Forecast made 24.02.2018 04:17

Forecaster's remarks

Southeast strong gale with moderate precipitation moving towards east over Iceland. Considerable rain in the SE part until afternoon.
Prepared by the meteorologist on duty 24.02.2018 04:17

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The weather in Iceland in 2017 - 23.2.2018

The year 2017 was warm in Iceland and the weather was mainly favourable. February, May, September and October were particularly warm. The East had unusually much precipitation. Heavy rainfall in the East and Southeast at the end of September resulted in extensive flooding from major rivers in the area. The last two months of the year were considerably cooler than the previous months. November was cold and the last days of December were the coldest days of the year. Wind speed was slighly lower than average. 

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Seismic swarm east of Grímsey on the decline - 23.2.2018

The seismic swarm east of Grímsey has been on the decline for the last days. Substantial seismic activity is however still ongoing with small swarms occurring, including up to magnitude M3 earthquakes. This night, February 23, two magnitude M2.8 earthquakes where detected about 13 km north of Grímsey.

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Gas concentrations in the Hofsjökull ice cave - 21.2.2018

The Icelandic Meteorological Office (IMO) warns of the dangers of gas pollution and roof collapse in a recently discovered ice cave in Blágnípujökull, a SW outlet glacier from the Hofsjökull ice cap in Central Iceland. Read more

Seismic swarm near Grímsey: update 15:00, 19 February - 19.2.2018

At 05:38 UTC this morning an earthquake of magnitude M5.2 occurred 14 km ENE of Grímsey. It was felt widely in the Northern part of the country. Five more earthquakes were detected. The earthquakes originate from the so-called Grímsey oblique rift zone in the northern Skálfandadjúp basin within the Tjörnes fracture zone.

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Grímsey earthquake swarm - 16.2.2018

Earthquake swarms are happening frequently in the vicinity of Grímsey. An earthquake swarm about 10-12 km North-East of Grímsey started on February 14. As of noon on February 16, over 1000 earthquakes have been detected

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Ice cave in Hofsjökull – a warning - 15.2.2018

Ice caves are often found at glacier edges in Iceland, formed either by meltwater flow beneath the ice or by geothermal activity. News has recently been shared about a newly discovered ice cave in Blágnípujökull, where a child has collapsed due to breathing in toxic gases. The cave should not be entered without gas monitoring instruments.

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Iceland covered by snow

Arctic cooperation

The Icelandic Meteorological Office cooperates with many agencies in related fields. With ongoing environmental changes, long term time-series are becoming increasingly important. These include time series of  weather-related factors, such as temperature, rainfall, air pressure and solar and cloud cover, time-series on  hydrology,  glaciology, sea-ice condition, earthquakes, floods, ice and sediment load in rivers. Such data from IMO is important, providing a benchmark for assessing ongoing changes in the Arctic region.

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