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    Fissure eruption in Holuhraun (north of Vatnajökull).
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    Pollution from the eruption is mostly expected east of the eruption today, but southeast of the eruption tonight. More

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Weather forecast

Weather forecast for the next 24 hours

West 5 to 10 m/s and rainshowers, but fair in the southeast. Lighter wind and mainly dry this evening. Temperature 6 to 13 degrees C today, warmest in the east. Becoming southeast 10 to 18 m/s tomorrow, strongest in the southwest and west. Dry in the northeast and east until afternoon, elsewhere rain. South 8 to 13 m/s and rain or rainshowers late tomorrow. Similar temperature.
Forecast made 23.09.2014 09:53

Forecaster's remarks

Strong windgusts are expected by mountains in the southwest and west tomorrow until late afternoon.
Prepared by the meteorologist on duty 23.09.2014 09:53

Precipitation Temperature Wind

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The weather in Iceland in 2050 - 19.9.2014

Next week, the United Nations' Climate Week NYC will be held in New York. It is the collaborative space for all related events in support of the UN Climate Summit. Iceland's representative on the climate week will be Birta Líf Kristinsdóttir, Icelandic Met Office, one of eleven TV meteorologists who were asked to make a weather forecast for their own country in 2050 based on the visions of the newest IPCC report. These weather forecasts of the future are presented as a set of videos, published one per day until the summit. The Icelandic video consist of a weather forecast with English subtitles and an account in English of the major effects of global warming in the country. Every video is concluded by UN Secretary-General's call for action on climate change.

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A glimpse into the field - 14.9.2014

In this news article, a report of three days in the field is presented with portraits of the key players in this show of nature‘s dangerous forces: Suðri, Baugur and Baugur‘s babies, while Norðri, active some days ago, doesn‘t deserve a mention anymore. Fate turns quickly in the field.

Given the dangerous gas levels at the eruptive site which get carried, albeit dispersed, from the highlands down into the deep firths of the Eastfjords and their farming grounds and fishing villages; the Icelandic Met Office has begun to issue warnings when necessary. They are found in a yellow ribbon in the header of every web page of en.vedur.is when relavent. When no warnings are being issued, the yellow ribbon disappears.

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What is Bárðarbunga? - 30.8.2014

There are about 30 known central volcanoes, or volcanic systems, in Iceland. Bárðarbunga, the second highest mountain of Iceland. A caldera in the volcano's crown is covered with approximately 850 m thick glacial ice. Eruptions can occur in the caldera, on the sides or in the fissure swarms. Because of the current seismic activity in nortwestern Vatnajökull, IMO has been allowed to publish the chapter Bárðarbunga System, an extract from a much larger work in progress.

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Bad weather expected on Sunday - 29.8.2014

A deep and sharp low will approach Iceland from the southwest 31st August. Southerly and southeasterly winds are expected, 25-25 m/s, and very strong gusts near mountains. Considerable rain will probably follow in all of the country, especially in the Southeast and there is a risk of mudslides in Southeast. People are advised to check on their property and fasten loose objects. This low is the remains of "Cristobal" which caused damage in the Caribbean last week-end. Travellers are advised against fording rivers in South Iceland.

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Hard work in harsh circumstances - 23.8.2014

Since the first day of the seismic activity, technical and scientific staff have worked hard under tough circumstances. Long distances have been traversed in specialised vehicles or staff have been transported by the Coast Guard‘s helicopter. They report to headquarters twice a day and their positioning is monitored continually. The equipment which is being mounted must endure harsh environment. This significant enhancement of monitoring was made possible by, Future Volc, and by the University of Cambridge.

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A reconnaissance flight with TF-SIF - 21.8.2014

A flight was made to Bárðarbunga and along the glacial river, with the aircraft TF-SIF from the Icelandic Coast Guard. The onboard SAR-radar was used to image the glacier and the river.

If the present seismic activity in Bárðarbunga leads to an eruption and consequently a glacial outburst flood (jökulhlaup), these images will become an important dataset for estimating the changes which may occur on the glacier and on the flooded area.

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Older news

Bárðarbunga events

Bárðarbunga - updated information

About 25 m subsidence has occurred in the centre of Bárðarbunga caldera. Eruptive activity is only on the first fissure in Holuhraun. Gas emissions at the eruption site are high and life threatening, gas masks and gas meters are required. There, local wind anomalies can occur due to thermal convection from the lava. This makes conditions on site extremely dangerous as winds can change suddenly and unpredictably.

In this article, updated information on the Bárðarbunga seismic- and volcanic activity is given. Conclusions of the meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board are published daily. This article gives an overview of events since the onset of these events, 16th August. For more, check the news list.

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