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    Northwest strong gale (more than 20 m/s) is expected in the southeast and east part in the evening and during the night. Valid to 25.04.2017 00:00 More

Avalanche forecasts

Avalanche conditions

Considerable new snow in mountains that is potentially unstable, especially in the north and west parts of the country. Some slab avalanches fell in the North due to SW snowdrift on Wednesday and Thursday. In areas where it has not snowed recently the old snow is considered quite stable, exept for slushes due to solar radiation. In the highlands in the interior unstable, fresh snow can be expected especially at higher elevation levels. On Sunday snowfall is in the forecast in strong NW and then N winds in the northern and eastern parts of the country.
Written by a specialist at 21 Apr 23:37 GMT

Forecast for selected areas

Northern Westfjords

Moderate danger

Considerable new snow was added before the Easter weekend. On Tuesday night it got warmer and wet slab avalanches fell in Kirkjubólshlíð. On Wednesday and until Thursday it snowed in strong SW winds. Stability tests in a snow pit close to Bolungarvík indicated fair stability. However, unstable windslabs may be found in NE-E-SE facing slopes. S-facing slopes could also get unstable if the sun will shine. Cold and calm weather is in the forecast for the next few days, however, it may snow in NE winds on Sunday.
Valid from: 21 Apr 16:00 GMT - Valid until: 24 Apr 16:00 GMT


Considerable danger

Considerable snowfall in the week before Easter in NE winds. The snow was unstable in the beginning but gained strength over last weekend. On Wednesday and Thursday snowdrift in strong SW winds collected snow in NE-E-SE facing slopes. A few avalanches have been recorded in those aspects. Stability test close to Siglufjörður today, Sunday, show great instability beneath the wind slab. It is advised to travel with great care in slopes with new snow and expect instabilities. S-facing slopes might also become unstable if the sun will shine. NW snowstorm in the forecast for Sunday night.
Valid from: 23 Apr 10:00 GMT - Valid until: 24 Apr 16:00 GMT

East fjords

Moderate danger

The existing snow is considered mostly stable after thaw and then cooling temperatures. Small avalanches due to solar radiation might be expected in S-facing slopes. On Sunday night snowstorm is expected in NW and then N wind directions. The stability of the new snow might be poor.
Valid from: 21 Apr 16:00 GMT - Valid until: 24 Apr 16:00 GMT

Weather forecast in terms of avalanche danger

Calm and cold weather in the forecast for the next couple of days. On Sunday night snowstorm is in the forecast in the North and East. Winds from NW and then N.
Written by a specialist at 21 Apr 16:47 GMT

Avalanche Danger Scale

The bulletin uses the international Public Avalanche Danger Scale.

About the bulletin

IMO issues an avalanche bulletin Monday, Wedenesday and Friday at 16:00 GMT for three selected areas.

Safe backcountry travel requires training and experience. You control your own risk by choosing where, when and how you travel.


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