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    Strong gale (more than 20 m/s) in the southeast, east of Öræfi(Skaftafell) and in the south part of Austfirðir, with wind gusts up to 35 m/s. Considerable rain is expected in the east part of Iceland and also in Strandir in the northwest. Valid to 25.06.2017 00:00 More

Végeirsstaðir í Fnjóskadal - weather station - information

NameVégeirsstaðir í Fnjóskadal
TypeAutomated observational station
Station number3477
WMO number4141
Forecast regionNorth East(na)
Location65°49.018', 17°53.142' (65.817, 17.8857)
Height above sea-level120.0 m a.s.l.
Beginning of weather observations2001
Station owned byVeðurstofa Íslands

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