Earthquakes last 48 hours

Number of earthquakes

Size 3 and greater3 earthquakes
Size 2 to 312 earthquakes
Size 1 to 246 earthquakes
Size less than 172 earthquakes

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1.228.11 12:14:3990.05.8 km N of Herðubreið
1.228.11 11:59:4490.04.2 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.528.11 11:53:1156.03.9 km SW of Grímsfjall
0.828.11 11:52:5690.03.7 km SSW of Hrómundartindi
0.728.11 10:19:4074.06.0 km N of Herðubreið
0.428.11 10:13:4867.15.9 km NNW of Herðubreið
0.528.11 10:13:0590.05.6 km NNW of Herðubreið
1.628.11 10:11:1690.05.7 km N of Herðubreið
0.928.11 09:43:5461.04.6 km WSW of Herðubreið
0.828.11 09:31:18Check.4.2 km W of Herðubreið
0.328.11 09:28:0244.87.0 km SE of Herðubreið
0.528.11 09:12:4379.75.5 km N of Herðubreið
0.628.11 09:12:2790.05.6 km N of Herðubreið
0.728.11 07:52:3390.05.2 km N of Herðubreið
0.828.11 07:51:2390.05.1 km N of Herðubreið
1.628.11 07:49:3490.05.4 km N of Herðubreið
0.528.11 07:34:3590.05.9 km N of Herðubreið
1.228.11 06:33:4890.05.5 km N of Herðubreið
1.328.11 06:25:1787.58.6 km SW of Eiríksjökull
1.528.11 06:02:4279.50.6 km S of Hvannadalshnjúkur
0.728.11 05:54:2877.53.0 km SE of Goðabunga
0.828.11 05:53:35Check.5.7 km N of Herðubreið
0.428.11 05:46:49Check.6.5 km N of Herðubreið
0.628.11 05:44:58Check.6.1 km N of Herðubreið
1.528.11 05:43:53Check.3.1 km NW of Geirfugladrangur
0.728.11 05:42:33Check.7.2 km NNW of Herðubreið
1.328.11 05:42:0790.05.6 km N of Herðubreið
0.728.11 05:37:25Check.5.6 km N of Herðubreið
0.628.11 04:59:04Check.5.3 km NNW of Herðubreið
1.828.11 04:26:02Check.7.5 km W of Dreki
2.028.11 04:22:10Check.3.4 km WSW of Hrómundartindi
0.128.11 04:09:20Check.0.7 km S of Vatnafjöll
0.828.11 04:08:03Check.6.1 km NNW of Herðubreið
0.528.11 04:06:31Check.3.0 km N of Herðubreið
0.928.11 04:02:58Check.5.9 km N of Herðubreið
0.728.11 04:01:41Check.6.2 km N of Herðubreið
1.428.11 04:00:49Check.5.5 km N of Herðubreið
0.628.11 04:00:12Check.5.4 km N of Herðubreið
0.828.11 03:56:40Check.5.3 km N of Herðubreið
1.328.11 03:49:21Check.3.1 km SSW of Herðubreið
1.028.11 03:18:17Check.2.5 km NNW of Grímsfjall
0.828.11 03:13:55Check.0.8 km S of Keilir
1.528.11 02:43:41Check.15.1 km NW of Gjögurtá
1.628.11 02:21:00Check.7.8 km SW of Eiríksjökull
1.428.11 01:23:40Check.7.5 km NNW of Grímsfjall
1.028.11 01:09:43Check.4.4 km SW of Herðubreið
0.628.11 01:04:41Check.5.9 km SW of Herðubreið
0.428.11 00:43:28Check.3.3 km SW of Herðubreið
2.327.11 23:11:40Check.5.1 km N of Herðubreiðartögl
2.127.11 21:30:09Check.8.2 km SW of Eiríksjökull
1.827.11 21:17:50Check.5.6 km NE of Reykjanestá
0.927.11 21:14:32Check.7.8 km SW of Eiríksjökull
1.527.11 21:05:54Check.8.5 km SW of Eiríksjökull
0.927.11 20:00:02Check.1.2 km W of Keilir
0.727.11 19:56:00Check.2.9 km E of Keilir
0.227.11 19:17:23Check.3.4 km W of Keilir
0.927.11 18:55:51Check.5.2 km NE of Grindavík
2.427.11 17:30:03Check.8.3 km SW of Eiríksjökull
0.727.11 17:09:05Check.14.9 km ESE of Árnes
0.827.11 17:05:14Check.4.1 km SW of Herðubreið
0.627.11 17:03:11Check.6.9 km NW of Herðubreiðartögl
0.827.11 17:02:34Check.5.6 km NNW of Herðubreiðartögl
0.527.11 17:02:05Check.5.3 km NNW of Herðubreiðartögl
0.527.11 15:29:09Check.4.1 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.927.11 15:12:01Check.1.4 km S of Kröfluvirkjun
0.927.11 14:13:41Check.3.5 km SW of Grímsfjall
1.227.11 13:59:50Check.2.8 km WSW of Grímsfjall
1.627.11 13:32:40Check.13.6 km WNW of Gjögurtá
1.227.11 12:12:16Check.6.0 km E of Goðabunga
3.427.11 11:53:21Check.4.8 km ESE of Goðabunga
2.427.11 11:52:13Check.4.8 km E of Goðabunga
2.527.11 11:48:54Check.4.5 km E of Goðabunga
1.227.11 10:29:54Check.34.0 km ESE of Grímsey
1.627.11 10:27:38Check.31.9 km ESE of Grímsey
1.727.11 10:21:54Check.33.8 km ESE of Grímsey
0.527.11 09:53:00Check.6.0 km NW of Herðubreiðarlindir
1.527.11 08:51:57Check.33.9 km ESE of Grímsey
1.827.11 08:30:33Check.4.7 km N of Herðubreiðartögl
1.227.11 07:50:35Check.1.8 km WSW of Grímsfjall
0.827.11 07:42:15Check.13.9 km WNW of Gjögurtá
2.427.11 07:37:56Check.2.8 km WSW of Grímsfjall
1.127.11 07:29:33Check.8.4 km NNE of Grímsey
1.427.11 05:49:45Check.28.9 km ESE of Grímsey
1.727.11 05:34:03Check.3.2 km WSW of Grímsfjall
1.127.11 04:45:37Check.34.1 km ESE of Grímsey
0.327.11 04:29:19Check.1.8 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.927.11 03:53:46Check.5.2 km E of Goðabunga
1.027.11 03:52:12Check.6.1 km E of Goðabunga
2.727.11 03:50:11Check.6.3 km E of Goðabunga
3.127.11 03:45:49Check.6.8 km E of Goðabunga
2.127.11 03:45:21Check.6.4 km E of Goðabunga
0.427.11 03:44:35Check.6.4 km E of Goðabunga
2.227.11 03:43:42Check.6.7 km E of Goðabunga
2.427.11 03:42:34Check.6.0 km NNW of Hábunga
3.027.11 03:41:47Check.6.5 km E of Goðabunga
0.527.11 03:16:45Check.8.0 km SSE of Lokatindur
0.727.11 02:52:39Check.5.8 km W of Herðubreiðartögl
0.927.11 02:37:25Check.3.3 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.527.11 01:48:22Check.3.0 km W of Herðubreiðarlindir
1.227.11 01:41:59Check.1.3 km SSE of Kröfluvirkjun
0.727.11 01:36:13Check.2.7 km ENE of Herðubreið
0.627.11 00:55:25Check.13.5 km WNW of Gjögurtá
0.327.11 00:43:47Check.4.0 km W of Dreki
0.826.11 23:19:53Check.5.3 km SSE of Goðabunga
0.926.11 21:57:55Check.4.7 km SW of Herðubreið
1.126.11 21:33:08Check.11.9 km W of Þorlákshöfn
0.626.11 21:05:34Check.0.6 km W of Raufarhólshellir
1.626.11 21:00:20Check.2.4 km NW of Herðubreiðartögl
0.626.11 20:17:06Check.1.2 km NW of Hvannadalshnjúkur
2.226.11 20:01:10Check.0.4 km ENE of Hvannadalshnjúkur
0.826.11 19:57:23Check.1.5 km SW of Þeistareykir
0.926.11 19:52:56Check.2.4 km E of Hamarinn
1.326.11 17:54:3890.08.5 km SSW of Flatey
1.626.11 17:54:34Check.13.8 km WNW of Gjögurtá
0.626.11 17:21:34Check.6.6 km N of Hábunga
1.326.11 17:18:08Check.5.3 km NNE of Hábunga
1.626.11 17:11:52Check.28.4 km N of Borgarnes
1.426.11 17:08:33Check.1.8 km NE of Raufarhólshellir
0.526.11 17:04:44Check.2.7 km NE of Raufarhólshellir
0.626.11 16:55:33Check.15.0 km NE of Laki
1.626.11 16:16:27Check.5.1 km SSW of Herðubreið
1.226.11 16:15:56Check.4.1 km SSW of Herðubreið
1.826.11 16:05:28Check.4.4 km SSW of Herðubreið
1.226.11 16:02:08Check.4.3 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.726.11 15:35:35Check.19.4 km WNW of Skaftafell
0.626.11 15:24:56Check.4.3 km WSW of Dreki
0.426.11 15:21:13Check.4.1 km NW of Hvannadalshnjúkur
0.426.11 14:52:40Check.1.8 km SSE of Keilir
0.826.11 14:45:07Check.3.2 km SW of Herðubreið
1.026.11 13:42:40Check.3.4 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.826.11 13:40:07Check.3.1 km SSW of Herðubreið
0.726.11 13:27:53Check.5.0 km WSW of Dreki
0.926.11 13:05:13Check.3.2 km SSW of Herðubreið
Altogether 133 earthquakes