• Warning

    Fissure eruption in Holuhraun (north of Vatnajökull).
  • Warning

    Today (Monday) the gas pollution from the eruption is expected to travel eastward, and southeastward in the afternoon. Tomorrow (Tuesday) it will travel to the southeast of Iceland. More
  • Warning

    Norherly strong gale or storm (mean wind can exceed 20 m/s) is expected today in Iceland with snowfall in the northern part. Valid to 21.10.2014 18:00 More
Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Sea ice maps from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Ice-maps are produced five days a week by The Norwegian Meteorological Institute, met.no, and published between 2 and 3 pm. The maps are based on satellite images.

Various ice maps can be viewed on their web.

The ice-map which best shows seas around Iceland is also available on our web. While viewing, it is advisable to refresh the web-site to make sure that the latest map appears.

The ice chart colour code standard is available (WMO 2004 JCOMM, pdf 1.1 Mb).

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