Web-sites related to the Grímsvötn eruption 2011

An overview

Jóhanna M. Thorlacius 20.6.2011

This is an overview of web-sites related to the Grímsvötn eruption in 2011:

Update on the volcanic eruption 21 - 30 May
Photos from the eruption 21 - 25 May
Vatnajökull monitoring (larger area)
Lightning detection system from the UK Met Office
VAAC Volcanic ash advisory in London
Institute of Earth Sciences University of Iceland
The crater at Grímsvötn - news 25 May
Ash measurements - news 24 May
Ash plume and ligtnings - news 22 May
Eruption has started in Grímsvötn - news 21 May

The map below shows various reported ash fall 21 - 25 May 2011.  Grímsvötn volcanic site in red.

Íslandskort - punktar

A time-lapse video from Jón Helgason shows volcanic ash approaching Reykjavík 22 May 2011.

Other related web sites