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SIGMET for the last six hours

No SIGMET messages last 6 hours.

METAR from the last three hours

BIAR2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIAR 190700Z 00000KT 5000 -SN BKN010 OVC020 M05/M06 Q0998
BIAR2018-01-19 06.00METAR BIAR 190600Z 00000KT 9999 FEW056 BKN068 M06/M07 Q0997
BIAR2018-01-19 05.00METAR BIAR 190500Z 00000KT 9999 OVC044 M05/M06 Q0997
BIEG2018-01-19 07.26SPECI BIEG 190726Z 06003KT 0200 R04/0800 SHSN VV003 M03/M03 Q0994 R04/490294
BIEG2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIEG 190700Z 22003KT 9999 -SHSN SCT025 BKN030 BKN055 M03/M03 Q0994 R04/490294
BIEG2018-01-19 06.00METAR BIEG 190600Z 19003KT 2000 -SN SCT012 BKN021 BKN032 M03/M03 Q0994 R04/490293
BIEG2018-01-19 05.00METAR BIEG 190500Z VRB03KT 9999 -SN SCT012 BKN034 BKN047 M03/M04 Q0993 R04/490293
BIHU2018-01-19 07.34METAR BIHU 190734Z 24002KT 4500 SN SCT008 OVC015 M04/M05 Q0996 R20/491095 RMK VERID AD MOKA OG SOPA BRAUT
BIHU2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIHU 190700Z 24002KT 6500 SN OVC015 M04/M05 Q0996 R20/4910// RMK VERID AD MOKA OG SOPA BRAUT
BIHU2018-01-19 06.24METAR BIHU 190624Z 11002KT 6500 SN OVC012 M04/M05 Q0996 R20/4910// RMK VERID AD MOKA OG SOPA BRAUT
BIIS2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIIS 190700Z 02018KT 6000 -SN OVC018 01/M01 Q0999
BIKF2018-01-19 07.30METAR BIKF 190730Z 07006KT CAVOK M05/M07 Q0996 R01/390044
BIKF2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIKF 190700Z 04004KT 360V060 CAVOK M05/M08 Q0996 R01/390044
BIKF2018-01-19 06.30METAR BIKF 190630Z 03006KT CAVOK M03/M08 Q0996 R01/390044
BIKF2018-01-19 06.00METAR BIKF 190600Z 02007KT CAVOK M05/M09 Q0996 R01/390044
BIKF2018-01-19 05.30METAR BIKF 190530Z 35005KT CAVOK M04/M07 Q0995 R01/390064
BIKF2018-01-19 05.00METAR BIKF 190500Z 34003KT CAVOK M05/M07 Q0995 R01/390064
BIRK2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIRK 190700Z VRB01KT CAVOK M09/M12 Q0996
BIRK2018-01-19 06.00METAR BIRK 190600Z 00000KT CAVOK M08/M13 Q0996
BIRK2018-01-19 05.00METAR BIRK 190500Z 00000KT CAVOK M09/M13 Q0995
BIVM2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIVM 190700Z 04010KT CAVOK M02/M06 Q0993 R88/390148
BIVM2018-01-19 06.29METAR BIVM 190629Z 06007KT CAVOK M03/M06 Q0993 R88/390148
BIVO2018-01-19 07.00METAR BIVO 190700Z 24005KT 9999 VCSH SCT020 BKN035 M02/M02 Q0995 R23/4980//

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