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SIGMET for the last six hours

BIRD SIGMET A01 VALID 180810/181200 BIRK- BIRD REYKJAVIK CTA SEV MTW FCST WI N6230 W00730 - N6230 W00600 - N6100 W00630 - N6130 W00810 - N6230 W00730 SFC/FL070 STNR NC


TAFBIAR180757Z18090934010KT 9999 -RA BKN015 OVC030 TX08/1809Z TN03/1906Z TEMPO 1810/1906 5000 RADZ BKN012 OVC020
TAFBIEG180757Z18090936016KT 9999 -RA BKN010 OVC020 TX07/1812Z TN05/1904Z TEMPO 1809/1904 5000 RADZ BKN004 OVC015 BECMG 1906/1909 30005KT NSW BKN020
TAFBIKF180757Z18090935016KT 9999 FEW030 TX10/1813Z TN06/1906Z BECMG 1818/1820 29015KT -RA BKN015 OVC025 BECMG 1908/1909 02012KT NSW BKN040
TAFBIRK180757Z18090933014KT 9999 FEW025 TX12/1815Z TN06/1906Z TEMPO 1900/1909 -RA BKN015 OVC030 BECMG 1901/1903 36004KT


TAFBIBD180828Z18081702010KT 9999 BKN020 OVC030
TAFBIHN180828Z18081701016KT 9999 -RA FEW020 BKN030 OVC050 TEMPO 1808/1817 RA BKN015
TAFBIHU180828Z18081735008KT 9999 -RA FEW005 BKN010 OVC015 TEMPO 1808/1817 5000 DZRA BR SCT003 BKN007 OVC010
TAFBIIS180828Z18081703012KT 9999 FEW008 SCT015 BKN020 TEMPO 1808/1907 -RA BKN015 OVC030
TAFBIVM180828Z18081733018KT 9999 FEW015

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