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  • 1. Increased glacial melt due to volcanic ash

    was sufficiently thick. Surprisingly, glacial melt was lower closer to the eruption where the ash was even thicker. This hydrological year was also characterized by decreased discharge in direct run off rivers and spring fed rivers due to low precipitation, especially in the west of the country. Increased glacial melt Jökulsá á Fjöllum Figure 1. Discharge from Jökulsá á Fjöllum, during /hydrology/articles/nr/2110
  • 2. Group5-Draft_report

    which led to the prominent “dueling scientist scenario” appeared in the media. This has inevitably led to confusion and poor understanding of the public’s perception about climate change issue, rendering mitigation and adaptation even more difficult. Nonetheless, the worst part of the story rests in that the public are not just passive message receivers. They process a surprisingly huge /media/loftslag/Group5-Draft_report.pdf
  • 3. CES_D2.4_solar_CMIP3

    of the quality of the model simulations was beyond the scope of this project, but a comparison between the modelled and observed radiation data was still performed for one example station. One can see that, for the baseline period, the mean of the 18 model simulation accords with observations surprisingly well (Fig. 1). In relative terms, the maximum deviations in the monthly values are of 8-9 /media/ces/CES_D2.4_solar_CMIP3.pdf
  • 4. Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011

    of the glaciers. An up to 8 m thick winter snow layer was measured in the accumulation area (∼4 m w.e.). Ice melt of up 10 m w.e. was measured in the lowest part of the ab- lation zone in summer, and 2 m w.e. was melted during win- ter. Taking into account ∼2 m of annual rainfall, the runoff from this part of the glacier was estimated as ∼14 m w.e. per year; a surprisingly high value (Ahlmann, 1939 /media/ces/Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011.pdf
  • 5. CES_D2.4_task1

    about 20-25% in 2010 to about 50% in 2050. Perhaps surprisingly, a particularly high probability is found in Iceland, most likely as a result of the small 12 interannual variability there. As expected, the probability of very warn years rises even faster than that of warm months – in northern Europe from typically 30-40% in 2010 to about 60- 80% in 2030 and to 85-95% or even more in 2050 /media/ces/CES_D2.4_task1.pdf
  • 6. Eriksson_Garvill_Nordlund_2006

    on freedom. Improved public transport, and to some extent the information campaign, were perceived to be fair measures, while increased tax on fuel was evaluated as an unfair measure. Not surprisingly, improved public transport was rated as an acceptable measure and increased tax on fuel as an unacceptable measure. The information campaign was evaluated as neither acceptable, nor unacceptable /media/loftslag/Eriksson_Garvill_Nordlund_2006.pdf
  • 7. Kok_JGEC658_2009

    Koulouriotis et al., 2003); developing indices for analysing and comparing Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (C¸oban and Sec¸me, 2005); and analysing the dynamic output of a Fuzzy Cognitive Map (Stach et al., 2005). Despite the diversity of applications, the aspect of analysing the dynamic behaviour the Fuzzy Cognitive Map is surprisingly underexposed. Because of its importance in the context of scenario development /media/loftslag/Kok_JGEC658_2009.pdf
  • 8. Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006

    to: stratospheric ozone depletion, plant photosynthesis and respiration, air pollution, and experienced tem- perature variations. Similarly, Bostrom and her colleagues (1994) found that their respondents tended to confuse the greenhouse effect with ozone depletion. Not surprisingly, most perceived the causes and effects of the latter to also be associ- ated with changing climates (e.g. aerosol sprays /media/loftslag/Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006.pdf
  • 9. 2010_012rs

  • 10. VI_2014_001

    When the cross-validation is made at all independent gauged sites of each region with observed AMF series, the best results are obtained with model no. 3 for Region 1 and with model no. 6 for Region 2, as for daily floods. Surprisingly, relatively unbiased estimates of µi(D) are obtained for vhm200 with several models (see Appendix IX), while most models led to strong biased estimates at this site /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2014/VI_2014_001.pdf

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