Accessibility on this web site

The Icelandic Meteorological Office has received certification from the Sja Ltd and the Organization of Disabled in Iceland, stating that fulfils the requirements for accessibility for the disabled. This is in accordance with governmental guidelines for public web sites. Certification was issued at two priority levels: priority level 1 is the minimum requirement for web-site accessibility, and priority level 2 reflects further accessibility enhancements.

To improve access to the web site, the following options, among others, are available:

  • For blind and partially sighted users, local forecasts, weather observations and seismic information can be viewed in screen readers.
  • All the web site's text can be viewed in a screen reader.
  • Text can be enlarged and reduced.
  • The background colour can be changed for partially sighted or dyslexic users.
  • A text mode is available for dyslexic users.
  • Physically handicapped users can navigate the web site without using a mouse.
  • All link titles are clear.
  • Images in articles include explanatory text.
  • Attachment types are explained. A glossary is available.
  • Instructions and explanations are available for all pages displaying real-time data.
  • In the near future, PDF files will be available. HTML format is used when possible.

The certification of the web site advisory company Sja Ltd is based on the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) checklist, which is an international standard for access on the Internet. Sja Ltd has, in cooperation with the Organization of Disabled in Iceland, customised the checklist to suit Icelandic needs, and it has been tested by various disabled users.

Suggestions for further improvements to the web site are welcome.

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