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Weather forecast for the next 24 hours

N-erly 3-10 with rain showers, mostly in the north, but mostly fair in the S- and W-parts.
Northwesterly 3-10 tomorrow, with rain showers in the north and east, but fair in the south and west. Temperatures 6 to 15 deg. C, mildest in the south.

Forecast made 14.08.2022 22:06

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A new eruption has started at Fagradalsfjall - 3.8.2022

Updated 4.8.2022 at 12:12

Gas dispersion forecast has been activated for the eruption in Meradalir. It is important for all to be aware of the danger of sudden gas pollution near the eruption site. You can find the forecast here as well as you can use the button on the front page, Reykjanes.

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Jarðskjálftahrina NA við fagradalsfjall

Status of unrest in Reykjanes - 2.8.2022

Preliminary deformation modelling results suggest the top depth of the new dike intrusion beneath Fagradalsfjall is very shallow - about 1 km. The magma inflow rate is rapid, almost double that observed during the first dike intrusion in february-march 2021.

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Sentinel-1 interferogram attached at Askja - covering period 27 july 2021 to 22 july 2022

Status of unrest in Askja - 27.7.2022

A meeting was held with scientists from the Icelandic Met Office, Institute of Earth Science and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management to follow up on the status of unrest in Askja. Since august 2021 an uplift of 35 cm  centered  west of the Askja lake has been measured.

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Earthquakes on the Reykjanes peninsula - 16.5.2022

More than 3000 earthquakes have been automatically detected nearby Eldvörp in the Reykjanes/Svartsengi volcanic system in the past week. Since yesterday (15.05), nine earthquakes had magnitude above M3 and two above M4. The largest event had a magnitude of M4.3 occurred on 15.05 at 17:38 UTC. The seismicity is located at a depth between 4 and 6 km.

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The weather in Iceland in 2021 - 4.3.2022

The weather in 2021 was mainly favorable, wind speed was below average and stormy days were relatively uncommon. The annual mean temperature was slightly above the 1991 to 2020 mean at most stations, and it was considerably dry in all parts of the country. Snow conditions were remarkably light in the Southwest during the year. The number of snow-covered days in Reykjavík were only 17 and only once been fewer. The summer was exceptionally warm, sunny, and dry in the North and East, the warmest on record in many places in these regions and many maximum temperature records were broken. The monthly mean temperature reached 14 °C at several stations this summer. It is the first time that the monthly mean temperature reaches 14°C at any station since the beginning of observations. The year was sunny in Akureyri and the total number of sunshine hours in Akureyri has only once been more.

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Earthquakes at Reykjanes Peninsula 21st-26th of December

Update on the earthquake swarm in Geldingadalir - 26.12.2021

Please view this page for the latest information on seismic activity.

Update on 29.12. at 11:53

Since midnight around 90 earthquakes have been detected. Yesterday there were around 1300 earthquakes detected in the Reykjanes peninsula as a whole. This is a lot less than the day before when around 2300 earthquakes were detected.

The scientific Advisory board for the civil protection services met on the 27th of December to go over the situation near Fagradalsfjall. GPS instruments and satellite interferograms show that the magmatic intrusion is limited to a dike intrusion by Fagradalsfjall, similarly as in February and March 2021 before the eruption onset on the 19th of March.

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Avalanches in Iceland

Catastrophic avalanches in the villages Súðavík, 16 January 1995, and Flateyri, October 1995, which killed 34 people and caused extensive economic damage, totally changed the view regarding avalanche safety in Iceland.

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