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Here you can find the main ways to contact the IMO´s emplyees, make suggestions, request data or get answers to questions. We encourage everyone to choose the recommended route to expedite processing.

Switchboard opening hours:

The Icelandic Meteorolgoical Office switchboard is open as follows:

  •          Monday-Thursdays: 9:00-15:00
  •          Fridays: 9:00-12:00.
  •          Closed on weekends and public holidays

Information about weather condition on roads can be found on the website of Vegagerðin and by phone 1777.

Don´t forget to search the Icelandic Meteorological Office website first.

Answers to questions concerning the following issues can very likely be found on pages of the website:

If you can´t find the answer on the website, you can submit a question via IMO´s Facebook page.

Information about weather condition on roads can be found on the website of Vegagerðin and by phone 1777.

How to submit formal messages and general inquiries?

In order to ensure quick and correct processing of messages and inquiries, they need to be directed the right way depending on what the message is. See criteria for handling time by type of message and enquiry.

Enquiries are classified into:

General inquiries (inquiries or comments about the activities or requests for information that do not fall under the categories below or cannot be found through

  •          You must fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page. You can also send general inquiries via the IMO´s Facebook page.

Summary of data or information (weather data, weather certificates, access to data streams, gauge series or studies).

  •          The reqest must be sent via the email address fyrirspurnir (at)

Formal missions (various requests related to administration or operations, e.g. from institutions, committees, ministries or the public)

  •          Formal correspondence must be sent via the email address skrifstofa (at)


Reviews (due to planning issues, preliminary risk assessment).

  •          Requests for reviews or comments regarding planning matters (main planning, regional planning, etc.) should be sent to the email address skrifstofa (at)

Sent photos and notifications about phenomena in nature

The IMO´s gratefully accepts reports and photographs of various natural phenomena or events related to natural hazards, e.g. avalanches, floods, cracks, landslides and more.

Photos can be entered directly into the IMO´s photo gallery.

It can also send photos via messenger to the IMO´s Facebook page or send an email to fyrirspurnir (at)


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Please find answers to questions about the weather forecast, avalanche, evacuation or development, e.g. of certain earthquakes, on the respective websites or the IMO´s telephone service. It may take a few days to respond to questions posted here. 


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