Avalanche bulletin

Avalanche conditions

New snow widely in Iceland and considerable snow high up in mountains in N- and E-parts. Where no new snow has accumulated hard crust an firn can be expected at the surface in many places. SW wind in the past week has formed unstable windslabs in northerly aspects. Some movements have been seen in the snow in Súðavíkurhlíð in the Westfjords and three avalanches reported in Hlíðarfjall in NE- and E- aspect on Saturday. Snow pits around Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður in Tröllaskagi showed layered snow that failed in compression tests with little force. Strong SW wind and warm weather in all parts on Monday and considerable rain in the west part, with increased likelihood of wet avalanches there. Also increased likelihood of slab avalanches in the east part for a time when it becomes warmer. Some new snow expected on Tuesday.
Written by a specialist at 16 Jan 17:19 GMT

Avalanche bulletins for selected areas

The avalanche bulletin is at a regional scale. It does not necessarily represent avalanche danger in urban areas.

Weather forecast in terms of avalanche danger

Strong SW-wind or even storm on Monday and considerable rain in the west part, but mostly dry in the east part and warm weather. West 10-15 m/s and showers of snow on Tuesday but mostly dry in the east part and becoming colder. Westerly wind, 3-10 m/s, partly fair and cold weather on Wednesday but becoming warmer by the west coast in the evening.
Written by a specialist at 16 Jan 17:20 GMT

Avalanche Danger Scale

Very high


About the bulletin

IMO issues an avalanche bulletin Monday, Wedenesday and Friday at 16:00 GMT for three selected areas.

Safe backcountry travel requires training and experience. You control your own risk by choosing where, when and how you travel.


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