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  • 1. 2011_005

    ; nowadays these data-links are inefficient and costly, as manifested in the review of download charges in 2010. By replacing dial-up modems with IP-based technology, substantial operational savings can be made. Additionally, telecommunication options such as GPRS and 3G allow the download of high-rate GPS data, thereby allowing solutions to be determined on a sub-daily scale. A second focus /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2011/2011_005.pdf
  • 2. Moellenkampetal_etal-2010

    efficient to carry out the rest of the risk-management process and plan development in- house. The researcher, surprised at this suggested change of plans, reacted strongly against the suggestion. She argued that such a change would be inefficient and that it contradicted a previous statement by the project manager that using a participatory process would allow the participants to do the work and make /media/loftslag/Moellenkampetal_etal-2010.pdf

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