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  • 1. Horsens_breakout_12August

    are the main knowledge gaps? o How is this knowledge acquired? (new data, modelling studies, stakeholder processes, research, etc.) o What are the expected main climate change effects for this case? 2. Uncertainty o What are the main uncertainties on climate change effects? o Prepare a survey of the main uncertainties, their characteristics and describe how to deal with the different /media/loftslag/Horsens_breakout_12August.pdf
  • 2. NONAM-PhD_program

    the groups to describe the different steps or actions in such a planning process and describe which tools should be used within their topic (see below) and how they should be used. The different aspects of adaptive management are distributed among the groups, so that they collectively cover the entire adaptive management procedure. Each of the groups study one of the aspects of adaptive management /media/vedurstofan/NONAM-PhD_program.pdf
  • 3. Group5-Milestones

    their characteristics and describe how to deal with the different sources of uncertainties o How are you representing and explaining uncertain knowledge to stakeholders? 3. Prepare a stakeholder involvement plan o How do you achieve a common understanding among stakeholders? o What are the overall objectives and principles of the stakeholder involvement? Overall objective: Support decision making /media/loftslag/Group5-Milestones.pdf
  • 4. CES_D2.4_VMGO

    modeling resolution are manifested in large-scale slowly evolving climate (weather) anomalies that can be utilized to feed different impact models for more practical assessment. For analysis purposes the climate extremes can be expressed in terms of indicators (indices) that can describe an observed (simulated) variable (e.g. temperature, precipitation) behavior at the tails of its statistical /media/ces/CES_D2.4_VMGO.pdf
  • 5. About weather observations

    to acquire information about the state of the atmosphere. The following factors are the most important observations, and they are relatively easy to measure: Temperature Air pressure Wind at the Earth’s surface These factors are either measured with automatic meters or a weather observer reads the meters or evaluates the observation in some way. Weather elements What is weather? To describe /weather/articles/nr/1220
  • 6. Information and help

    are classified as size 1 or 2 even though the mass is greater than the last column indicates. Avalanche problems The five typical avalanche problems as defined by the European Avalanche Warning Services EAWS aim to describe typical situations as they occur in avalanche terrain and to support avalanche professionals and recreationists in their evaluation of the avalanche hazard. When /avalanches/forecast/help
  • 7. Instructions on using station forecasts

    for navigation. The maps contain weather symbols that describe temperature, wind speed and wind direction. The orange point on the maps shows the location of the area. If the cursor is placed over a location, then the name of that place appears, along with the text forecast and further information about precipitation. By clicking on a region, a forecast is displayed beneath the map for conditions /weather/articles/nr/1210
  • 8. HARMONIE - numerical weather prediction model 

    and processes at and in the surface. HARMONIE includes, in addition to the atmospheric part, other models that simulate processes that influence the atmosphere. One of these models is SURFEX which simulates processes at the surface and in the soil, e.g. temperature and water balance, radiation balance and transfer of heat, see Figure 1. It is important to describe the surface, and its properties, as well /weather/articles/nr/3232
  • 9. Eriksson_2-Acceptability-of-policy

    is influenced by: 1. The individual’s characteristics (e.g., background characteristics, attitudinal factors) 2. The attributes of the policy measure (e.g., push versus pull) Steg & Schuitema (2007) 6 (2) Factors important for acceptability cont. • The multiattribute evaluation model describe factors important for evaluations of structural changes to social dilemmas – preference for status quo /media/loftslag/Eriksson_2-Acceptability-of-policy.pdf
  • 10. Outline_for_the_case_Road_maintenance_in_a_changing_climate

    information, report status, etc.) Questions: A. Uncertainty  What climate change effects and other major changes should be considered in this case?  What are the main uncertainties on climate change effects? .. and other effects?  Which ambiguities are in play regarding various themes and challenges?  Prepare a survey of the main uncertainties and ambiguities, their characteristics and describe /media/loftslag/Outline_for_the_case_Road_maintenance_in_a_changing_climate.pdf

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