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  • 1. glacier_mass_balance_poster

    /2004GL020706. Bouillon A., Bernard M., Gigord P., Orsoni A., Rudowski V., Baudoin A. 2006. SPOT 5 HRS geometry performance: Using block adjustments as a key issue to improve quality of Dem generation. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. 60(3), 134-146. Dall, J. 2003. Cross-calibration of interferometric SAR data. IEE Proceedings Radar Sonar and Navigation (ISSN: 1350-2395), 150 /media/ces/glacier_mass_balance_poster.pdf
  • 2. Gudmundsson-etal-2011-PR-7282-26519-1-PB

    (pixel size of 5 m along track and 10 m across track) with 9208 forward and backward viewing angles (Bouillon et al. 2006; Berthier & Toutin 2008). The August 2004 HRS DEM was obtained from the SPOT 5 Stereoscopic Survey of Polar Ice: Reference Images and Topographies (SPIRIT) project (Korona et al. 2009). The DEM was delivered with 40-m40-m spatial resolution, 15-m root mean square accuracy /media/ces/Gudmundsson-etal-2011-PR-7282-26519-1-PB.pdf

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