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  • 1. VI_2020_005

    ). Since the tide gauges measure the ocean elevation relative to a point on land, vertical land motion needs to be taken into account when estimating sea surface changes (Hamlington and Thompson, 2016; Quante and Colijn, 2016). The land motion can be caused by natural processes, such as glacial isostatic adjustments or tectonics, and/or anthropogenic processes, for instance land subsidence due /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2020/VI_2020_005.pdf
  • 2. Protective measures

    9 and 34 m long chutes (IMO Int. Rep. 03024, 2003, authors T. Jóhannesson and Kr. M. Hákonardóttir) (pdf 0.8 Mb) Field observations and laboratory experiments for evaluating the effectiveness of avalanche defence structures in Iceland. Main results and future programme (pdf 0,8 Mb) (Í: Proceedings of the International Seminar on Snow and Avalanches Test Sites, Grenoble, France, 22−23 November /avalanches/imo/protective/
  • 3. glacier_mass_balance_poster

    2LEGOS, Toulouse, France 3National Space Institute, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark Abstract. We assess the mean mass balance of three ice caps in South Iceland, for two periods, 1980 to 1998 and 1998 to 2004, by comparing digital elevation models (DEMs) covering the entire glaciers; Eyjafjallajökull (81 km2), Tindfjallajökull (15 km2) and Torfajökull (14 km2). The DEMs were /media/ces/glacier_mass_balance_poster.pdf
  • 4. Crochet_Philippe_CES_2010

    characteristics » Annual maximum » Snow cover duration • Daily snowmelt rates » Annual maxima • Daily glacial melt rates » Annual maxima » Duration of melting period 25% warmest years 25% coldest years 1971-2000 - Direct runoff rivers - Spring-fed rivers - Glacial rivers (5) - Lakes 11 River basins Size: 42 km2 – 5687 km2 Mean elevation: 163 m – 863 m Data • Discharge measurements (daily) (1929 /media/ces/Crochet_Philippe_CES_2010.pdf
  • 5. ces-glacier-scaling-memo2009-01

    balance perturbations in climate change runs are typically on the order of 1 ma 1 so that over a period of a few or several decades, the ice surface may be lowered by several tens of metres. A lowering of that magnitude will start to affect the air temperature over the glacier and leads to an intensification of surface melting through the mass- balance–elevation feedback. Based on the preceding /media/ces/ces-glacier-scaling-memo2009-01.pdf
  • 6. Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-04-30_IES_IMO

    scientists at Gígjökull; and aerial observations from the Icelandic Coastguard (observation plane TF-SIF). Eruption plume: Height (a.s.l.): Detected by weather radar at 15:20 GMT at an elevation of 2.8 km over the eruption site. TF-SIF observations at 15:40 GMT confirmed a steam plume rising to 4.5–5.1 km (15–17,000 ft). Clouds of ash at lower elevations observed drifting south /media/jar/Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-04-30_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 7. Hazard zoning

    rich in water vapour, reaches higher elevation than the first plume. Search Search string /pollution-and-radiation/volcanic-gas/hazard-zoning/bigimg/3042
  • 8. News

    Eyjafjallajökull eruption plume heading westnorthwest from the eruption site 27 April 2010, as seen at 12:00 GMT at an elevation of 3-3.6 km (10-12,000 ft). Light coloured, low-lying clouds of steam were observed over the eruption site, together with occasional bursts of grey to black-coloured cloud, which rise to up to half /about-imo/news/bigimg/1891
  • 9. Articles

    of the Suðurbotnahraun lava is beside the rockslide and therefore intact. The slide triggered a tsunami in the lake that washed up on the lakeshores all around the lake, reaching up to 20–30 m elevation above the water level and even higher in places /avalanches/articles/bigimg/2929
  • 10. Glacier mapping – IPY

    with airborne laser measurement (LiDAR) since 2008. By the summer of 2012 all glaciers larger than 10 km² had been measured, and the analysis of the results will be finished before the end of 2013. Accurate elevation models based on these measurements will be available from Vatnajökull, Hofsjökull, Langjökull, Eiríksjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Mýrdalsjökull, Eyjafjallajökull, Drangajökull /about-imo/arctic/glacier-mapping-ipy/

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