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  • 11. Twenty years of multinational earthquake prediction research in Iceland, and the future

    for improving preparedness and mitigating risk". Icelandic seismologists were involved in two other prediction research projects which also had Iceland as a research basis, the SMSITES project (EC project 2000-2003) led by UK scientists and the RETINA project (EC project 2002-2005) led by French scientists. They have also been involved in three other EC projects which have created a significant /earthquakes-and-volcanism/conferences/jsr-2009/earthquake-prediction/
  • 12. Arctic cooperation

    and volcanology, and staff are involved in projects relating to natural hazards, such as volcanic ash, extreme weather and flooding. The IMO's headquarters are in Reykjavik but other offices are in Ísafjörður and at the international airport in Keflavík. IMO has a staff of 130 people, in addition to about 120 people who work on research-related activities all around Iceland. Further /about-imo/arctic/
  • 13. Gode_Jenny_CES_2010

    - ments knownRelative significance? Strategic level More projects involving s.h. RA group – a good example"Translators"Strategic level Early involvement Visits Decision- makers Trade organisations Energy authorities Steering committee Researchers steering committee Etc Consultants Highly relevant Will affect us here! Webpage Fact sheetsPublications Seminars, conferences People involved /media/ces/Gode_Jenny_CES_2010.pdf
  • 14. Horsens_breakout_12August

    students. If necessary we can form more than one group for the same topic. 2 Group 1 – Scenarios Objective  To build scenarios for use in a 20 years planning process aiming at design of a climate change adaptation plan. Tasks – questions to be answered 1. Knowledge gathering – climate change effects o Which knowledge is needed regarding climate effects and the involved uncertainties? What /media/loftslag/Horsens_breakout_12August.pdf
  • 15. NONAM_1st_workshop_summary_v3

    NONAM Workshop Reykjavik 26 & 27 August 2010 – Summary 5 • Conflict resolution mechanisms. The water sector is characterised by many strong stakeholders, who have to compromise to allow a water management solution to be achieved, and often the stakeholders are directly involved in negotiating the management solutions. The national road sector decisions are more often made at the central /media/vedurstofan/NONAM_1st_workshop_summary_v3.pdf
  • 16. vonKorff_etal-2010

    parties in the management of natural resources such as river basins, national parks, and coastal areas. A series of research projects financed by the European Commission, including HarmoniCOP, AquaStress, and NeWater among others, has examined how stakeholders may become involved in water management decisions and water management research. Some researchers now consider participation as “both /media/loftslag/vonKorff_etal-2010.pdf
  • 17. Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling

    The framework used by Hare et al. (2003), for example, categorized participatory modelling case studies according to purpose and the participatory structure of the case study (i.e. the potential number of relevant stakeholders involved, the organizational levels at which they operate, the local political structure, and the actual stakeholders used in the model’s co-design group). The purpose /media/loftslag/Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling.pdf
  • 18. 2011_005

    to be accessible by all parties involved in the daily operations of the network, the data in it must be version controlled. A means to minimize manual work in updating information in the database, a system could be put in place to automatically collect information from the stations on regular bases and update the database. With a centralized documentation in place, progressive updates should /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2011/2011_005.pdf
  • 19. Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM

    and is expected to add more values to the integrated water management (IWM), an implementation cycle of 7 steps (Mysiak et al., 2010). Figure 2 gives a comparison of IWM and AWM. Learning process/cycle is involved in the whole process of water management, including policy cycle and management activities. Three major barriers exist for successful implementation of the AWM: the inflexible of society /media/loftslag/Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM.pdf
  • 20. Karlsdottir-Risk_analysis_IMO_SK

    of Eyjafjallajökull and Mýrdalsjökull was held. All institutes that are involved during real events participated and inhabitants were evacuated Information from CPD IMO – CPD collaboration IMO issues warnings and information on natural hazards to CPD CPD activates their contingency plan accordingly Information to public issued through public radio and television web mobil web text TV /media/loftslag/Karlsdottir-Risk_analysis_IMO_SK.pdf

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