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  • 21. Journal_of_Hydrology_Veijalainen_etal

    ; fax: +358 20 490 2590. E-mail address: (N. Veijalainen). Journal of Hydrology 391 (2010) 333–350 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Hydrology journal homepage: www.elsevier .com/ locate / jhydrol Author's personal copy narios from GCMs or RCMs, and with different emission scenarios (e.g. Menzel et al., 2006; Minville et al., 2008; Prudhomme and Da /media/ces/Journal_of_Hydrology_Veijalainen_etal.pdf
  • 22. 2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343

    ORIGINAL ARTICLE The role of uncertainty in climate change adaptation strategies—A Danish water management example J. C. Refsgaard & K. Arnbjerg-Nielsen & M. Drews & K. Halsnæs & E. Jeppesen & H. Madsen & A. Markandya & J. E. Olesen & J. R. Porter & J. H. Christensen Received: 10 November 2011 /Accepted: 4 February 2012 # The Author(s) 2012. This article is published with open access /media/loftslag/2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343.pdf
  • 23. esa_flyer_new

    EA Analyse A/S and Optensys Energianalys will forecast energy system variables, while SINTEF Energy Research will make assumptions for the energy system in different cases, include new inputs in the EMPS model and carry out simulations. Cl i ma t e Sc e nar i os G ro u p R i s ø St o c h as t i c v a r i a b l e s Clima t e s c e n a r i o NV E S M H I FE I N o r w a y S w e d e n F inla n /media/ces/esa_flyer_new.pdf
  • 24. Henriksen_Barlebo-2008-AWM_BBN-Journ_Env_Management

    Journal of Environmental Management 88 Heid , Øste d e A broad range of tools are available for integrated water resource management (IWRM). In the EU research project NeWater, a Human dependence on water leaves us vulnerable to climate change, flood and drought hazards, and poverty dynamic element of vulnerable groups and their relation- ship to water resources, and to represent the decisions /media/loftslag/Henriksen_Barlebo-2008-AWM_BBN-Journ_Env_Management.pdf
  • 25. Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011

    The Cryosphere, 5, 961–975, 2011 doi:10.5194/tc-5-961-2011 © Author(s) 2011. CC Attribution 3.0 License. The Cryosphere Modelling the 20th and 21st century evolution of Hoffellsjökull glacier, SE-Vatnajökull, Iceland G. Aðalgeirsdóttir1,2, S. Guðmundsson1, H. Björnsson1, F. Pálsson1, T. Jóhannesson3, H. Hannesdóttir1, S. Þ. Sigurðsson4, and E. Berthier5 /media/ces/Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011.pdf
  • 26. Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010

    FOREST BIOMASS FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION – POTENTIALS, MANAGEMENT AND RISKS UNDER CLIMATE CHANGE Ashraful Alam, Antti Kilpeläinen, Seppo Kellomäki School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu F t Cli t d R bl E I t Ri k d Ad t tiu ure Cl ma e an enewa e nergy – mpac s, s s an ap a on Oslo, Norway 2 June, 2010 Contents • Forestry in Finland • Challenges • Objectives /media/ces/Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010.pdf
  • 27. Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM

    example can be given by the low cost still flood risk adaptation by implementing early warning system. But there is one more suggestion dfor stakeholders to restrict infrastructure in the cities of Horsens. Fiva PhD Courses : Adaptive management in relation to climate change (august 22 2011 - august 26 2011) 2 / 3 R es e a r c h Flood f r equenc y a n d i n t ensi t y c o m m un i c a t /media/loftslag/Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM.pdf
  • 28. 2010_005_

    which are significantly lower com- pared with similar beginning and end years. Consequently, for the 2004–50 period, the average RCM warming rates of 0.29 K per decade over the ocean, and 0.35 K per decade over the land are somewhat larger than for the reduced IPCC ensemble mean. Additionally, the tabulated values of SAT differences between the 1961–90 control period and either the 2021–50 /media/ces/2010_005_.pdf
  • 29. programme2---PhD-Workshop-preceding-Adaptation-Research-Conference

    inty in decision making linking pluriform uncertainty combining certified and tacit knowledge Tommy Chan Mich el Laiho Patrick Driscoll Kare Lundgren Hector Guin a Barrientos Eivind Junker Jussi Ylhäisi Athanasios Votsis Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola Yuang Zheng Väi ö Nurmi Jiao Xi nj Wejs a p p l i c a n t n o . a b s t r a c t n o . n a m e c o u n t r y d i s c i p l i n e ( M S c . ) 1 3 /media/loftslag/programme2---PhD-Workshop-preceding-Adaptation-Research-Conference.pdf
  • 30. AnneFleig_May2010_CES

    E l b e i n D r e s d e n , A p r i l 2 0 0 7 CES conference, Oslo, Norway, 31 May - 2 June 2010 Typical features • develop slowly, • become severe when they cover a large region and persist for an extended period. E l b e i n D r e s d e n , A p r i l 2 0 0 7 ( s p i e g e l . d e ) Anne K. Fleig et al. “Regional hydrological droughts and weather types in north /media/ces/AnneFleig_May2010_CES.pdf

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