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  • 61. Climate and Modeling Scenarios

    Climate Modelling and Scenarios Deliverable D2.3). 36 pp. Venäläinen, A., Saku, S., Jylhä, K., Nikulin, G., Kjellström, E. & Bärring, L. (2009). Climate extremes and safety of nuclear power plants: Extreme temperatures and enthalpy in Finland and Sweden in a changing climate. Nordisk Kärnsäkerhet, NKS-194. pp 33. ISBN 978-87-7893-261-7. Ylhäisi, J /ces/publications/nr/1680
  • 62. Hare_1_PartINONAM

    monitoring Public involvement campaigns • moderated activity with a limited number of participants in which participants work together to carry out a common task » Nominal Group Technique, Participatory modelling (e.g. group model building), Role playing games, Scenario building, Forum theatre, Participatory budgeting.... Workshops / Collaboration Taken from Hare & Krywkow, (2004) Matching classes /media/loftslag/Hare_1_PartINONAM.pdf
  • 63. VI_2015_009

    ) Mean absolute error (MAEµ) Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency (NSµ) (Nash & Sutcliffe, 1970) With RMSEµ(%) = s 1 N N i=1 bµi(D) µi(D) µi(D) 2 x100 (4) MAEµ(m 3=s) = 1 N N i=1 jbµi(D) µi(D)j (5) NSµ = 1 Ni=1 bµi(D) µi(D) 2 Ni=1 µi(D) E[µi(D)] 2 (6) 12 where µi(D) is the reference index flood at target site i defined by the arithmetic mean of ob- served AMF, and N the total number /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/VI_2015_009.pdf
  • 64. Linnet_Ulfar_CES_2010

    2015, 2025, 2035 and 2050 North (Blanda) East (Karahnjukar) South (Thorisvatn) Change in average inflow to the main storage reservoirs Watershed A v e r a g e i n f l o w [ m 3 / s ] 0 2 0 4 0 6 0 8 0 1 0 0 1 2 0 Last 50 years Last 20 years Last 15 years Last 10 years Last 5 years Temperature corrected Transformation of climate measurements •Change in temperature • 0.75 °C/100y 1950-1975 • 1.55 /media/ces/Linnet_Ulfar_CES_2010.pdf
  • 65. Factsheet_Bardarbunga_140914

    affected by it. In the near future, there will be a page on the IMO’s webpage for this type of information.  Air quality at the eruption site: o Gas emissions at the eruption site remain high. As local gas concentrations at the site can be life threatening, people at the eruption site should wear gas masks and gas meters. At the eruption site, local wind anomalies can occur due to thermal /media/jar/myndsafn/Factsheet_Bardarbunga_140914.pdf
  • 66. Group3-Road-scenarios

     Climate data o Increase in precipitation o Change in road deterioration o Frequency of high and low temperatures o Heavy rainfall o Increase in average temperature Technical state of the roads – state of the Finnish road network: data available from Road administration Data on past events about climate related damage on roads Technical development of e.g. asphalt – more durable /media/loftslag/Group3-Road-scenarios.pdf
  • 67. Energy Systems

    & Togeby, M. (2007). Statistical Analysis. In: J. Fenger (Ed.) Impacts of Climate Change on Renewable Energy Sources: Their role in the Nordic energy system, Nord 2007:003, 154-174. Mo, B., Wolfgang, O. & Styve, J. (2010). ”The nordic power system in 2020 - Impacts from changing climate conditions”, Conference on future climate and renewable energy: Impacts, Risks and Adaptation, 31.May-2 June 2010 /ces/publications/nr/1937
  • 68. Factsheet_Bardarbunga-140911

    and turn off air conditioning. Measurements of air quality can be found on the webpage The Meteorological Office issues warnings if conditions change to the worse. o Instructions from the office of the Chief Epidemiologist and The Environmental Agency can be found on their web-sites.  Air quality at the eruption site: o Gas emissions at the eruption site remain high. As local /media/jar/Factsheet_Bardarbunga-140911.pdf
  • 69. Public-Choice-2012---McGuiness-and-Walker---Foundations-of-the-Ostrom-workshop---institutional-analysis,-polycentricity,-and-self-governance-of-the-commons

    /publications/materials/workshop_history.pdf. Libecap, G. D. (1995). The conditions for successful collective action. In R. O. Keohane & E. Ostrom (Eds.), Local commons and global interdependence: heterogeneity and cooperation in two domains (pp. 161– 190). London: Sage. Libecap, G. D., & Wiggins, S. N. (1984). Contractual responses to the common pool: prorationing of crude oil production. American Economic /media/loftslag/Public-Choice-2012---McGuiness-and-Walker---Foundations-of-the-Ostrom-workshop---institutional-analysis,-polycentricity,-and-self-governance-of-the-commons.pdf
  • 70. Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM

    example can be given by the low cost still flood risk adaptation by implementing early warning system. But there is one more suggestion dfor stakeholders to restrict infrastructure in the cities of Horsens. Fiva PhD Courses : Adaptive management in relation to climate change (august 22 2011 - august 26 2011) 2 / 3 R es e a r c h Flood f r equenc y a n d i n t ensi t y c o m m un i c a t /media/loftslag/Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM.pdf

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