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  • 41. Lettenmaier_Dennis_CES_2010pdf

    Withdrawal Reliability Grand Coulee Recreation Reliability R e l i a b i l i t y ( % , m o n t h l y b a s e d ) Control Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 RCM 2040-2069 60 80 100 120 140 Firm Hydropower Annual Flow Deficit at McNary P e r c e n t o f C o n t r o l R u n C l i m a t e PCM Control Climate and Current Operations PCM Projected Climate and Current Operations PCM Projected /media/ces/Lettenmaier_Dennis_CES_2010pdf.pdf
  • 42. Water_resources_man_Veijalainen_etal

    Based on a report by Verta et al. (2007) 92. 5 93. 0 93. 5 94. 0 94. 5 95. 0 M A MJ F J J A S O N D Mean 19702000 Min and max 1970–2000, natural rating curve Target water level zone 1 Target water level zone 2 Q=+20% Q=+10% Q= 0% Q=15% Q=30% 92.90 m snow target 1 92.70 m snow target 2 Water level (m ) Month the regulation limits Lake Syväri has target water level zones, which are not legally /media/ces/Water_resources_man_Veijalainen_etal.pdf
  • 43. Kok_and_Veldkamp_editorial_ES-2011-4160

    is required in which the concepts of scale and governance are framed such that a broad variety of stakeholders can join the debate and/or the decision making process. Responses to this article can be read online at: responses/ LITERATURE CITED Allen, T. F. H., and T.B. Starr. 1982. Hierarchy- perspectives for ecological complexity. University /media/loftslag/Kok_and_Veldkamp_editorial_ES-2011-4160.pdf
  • 44. Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011

    The Cryosphere, 5, 961–975, 2011 doi:10.5194/tc-5-961-2011 © Author(s) 2011. CC Attribution 3.0 License. The Cryosphere Modelling the 20th and 21st century evolution of Hoffellsjökull glacier, SE-Vatnajökull, Iceland G. Aðalgeirsdóttir1,2, S. Guðmundsson1, H. Björnsson1, F. Pálsson1, T. Jóhannesson3, H. Hannesdóttir1, S. Þ. Sigurðsson4, and E. Berthier5 /media/ces/Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011.pdf
  • 45. Eyjaf_status_2010-05-04_IES_IMO

    decreasing. Conditions at eruption site: Explosive activity and ash production is strong and has increased since yesterday. Dark ash plume rises above the crater. Lava is still flowing northwards, forming a lava fall down the steep hill under Gígjökull, about 4 km north of the crater. Blue gas is seen rising from the lava and white steam plumes are seen somewhat lower and mark the front /media/jar/Eyjaf_status_2010-05-04_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 46. Kok_JGEC658_2009

    Change 19 (2009) 122–133 A R T I C L E I N F O Article history: Received 14 November 2007 Received in revised form 21 August 2008 Accepted 25 August 2008 Keywords: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Scenario Participation Resilience Brazil A B S T R A C T The main drawback of the Story-and-Simulation approach is the weak link between qualitative and quantitative scenarios. A semi-quantitative tool, Fuzzy /media/loftslag/Kok_JGEC658_2009.pdf
  • 47. International Day for Disaster Reduction – 13th of October 2017 – Home Safe Home

    increase the number of countries with national and local disaster risk reduction strategies by 2020;f) Substantially enhance international cooperation to developing countries through adequate and sustainable support to complement their national actions for implementation of the present Framework by 2030;g) Substantially increase the availability of and access to multi-hazard early warning /about-imo/news/international-day-for-disaster-reduction-13th-of-october-2017-home-safe-home
  • 48. Climatological data

    (measured at 9 am) month/year rx_dag1 date of 24-hr maximum precipitation month/year p average sea level pressure nh mean cloud cover, oktas sun number of bright sunshine hours f mean wind speed (m/s) Longer series for selected stations Reykjavík from 1931 Stykkishólmur from 1823 Akureyri from 1931 Grímsstaðir from 1931 Raufarhöfn from 1931 Teigarhorn from 1873 /climatology/data/
  • 49. The design of avalanche protection dams

    Harbitz, D. Issler, T. Jóhannesson, K. Lied, M. Naaim, F. Naaim-Bouvet and L. Rammer. Comments and improvements by S. Margreth, J.S. Ásgeirsson and N. Nawri. April 2010: Passage has been made through snow on the road. Súðavík, Súðavíkurhlíð, West fjords. Photo: Þórður Sigurðsson. News /about-imo/news/nr/1631
  • 50. glacier_mass_balance_poster

    750-1170 AAR of the warm year of 2004 - digitized using the October 2004 SPOT 5 HRS images Ice cap E: Eyjafjallajökull To: Torfajökull Ti: Tindfjallajökull AAR (%) 20-25 <5 0 Method References Berthier E., Arnaud Y., Baratoux D., Vincent C. and Rémy F. 2004. Recent rapid thinning of the "Mer de Glace" glacier derived from satellite optical images. Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L17401, doi:10.1029 /media/ces/glacier_mass_balance_poster.pdf

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