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  • 21. Climate and Modeling Scenarios

    information. Weather, Climate, and Society, 2:2, 148-167. Kjellström, E., Boberg, F., Castro, M., Christensen, J.H., Nikulin, G., & Sanchez, E., (2010a). On the use of daily and monthly temperature and precipitation statistics as a performance indicator for regional climate models. Climate Research, in press. Doi: 10.3354/cr00932. Kjellström, E., Nikulin, G., Hansson, U., Strandberg, G. & Ullerstig /ces/publications/nr/1680
  • 22. Publications

    and cold. CE flyer 4. [Flyer] Hisdal, H., Kuusisto, E., Barthelmie, R., Lizuma, L., Lindström, G., Jónsson, P., Kriauciuniene, J., & Reihan, A. (2006). Climate and Energy 2003-2006, Statistical Analysis. CE flyer 5. [Flyer] Rummukainen, M., Christensen, J. H., Ólafsson, H., Jylhä, K., & Førland, E. (2006). Climate and Energy 2003-2006, Climate Scenarios. CE flyer 6. [Flyer] Fidje /climatology/research/ce/publications/
  • 23. Bardarbunga_daily_status_report_en_24082014

    Bárðarbunga update 24082014 2014-08-24 16:12 UTC Bárðarbunga update Compiled by Sara Barsotti, Hildur María Friðriksdóttir, Benedikt G. Ófeigsson, Þóra Árnadóttir, Martin Hensch, Kristin Jónsdóttir, Kristjana G. Eyþórsdóttir Based on Seismic, GPS, water samples Eruption plume Height (a.s.l.) No eruption and no eruption cloud. Heading No eruption and no eruption cloud. Colour No eruption /media/jar/Bardarbunga_daily_status_report_en_24082014.pdf
  • 24. 2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343

    e in relatio n to climat echang eadapt ation .X ,X X ,XX X is a ge n era lguid eo n th e relativ e imp ortanc e leve lo fth e sourc es , alth oug h it mus tb e em phasise d tha tth e imp ortanc e o fth e indi vidua lsou rce s o fun certaint y is co n tex tspe cifi c St ep si n cl im at e ch an ge ad ap tat io n an al ys es (ch ain in u n ce rta in ty ca sc ad e, Fi g. 2) So ur ce s o fu n ce rta /media/loftslag/2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343.pdf
  • 25. VanderKeur_etal-2008-Uncertainty_IWRM-WARM

    this feedback requires stakeholder and political involvement and acceptance and uncertainty connected to this must be recognised. Moreover, the preparation of strategies by scenario analysis, defining measures and assessment of their effects on predefined goals, e. g. water quality requirements imposed by the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD 2000/ 60/EC), or the US Federal Total Maximum Daily Load /media/loftslag/VanderKeur_etal-2008-Uncertainty_IWRM-WARM.pdf
  • 26. esa_flyer_new

    EA Analyse A/S and Optensys Energianalys will forecast energy system variables, while SINTEF Energy Research will make assumptions for the energy system in different cases, include new inputs in the EMPS model and carry out simulations. Cl i ma t e Sc e nar i os G ro u p R i s ø St o c h as t i c v a r i a b l e s Clima t e s c e n a r i o NV E S M H I FE I N o r w a y S w e d e n F inla n /media/ces/esa_flyer_new.pdf
  • 27. Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010

    scenario Summer Winter Temp ▲6˚c ▲7˚c. Precip. +10% +30% CO N l d bl2 ear y ou e 11 Forest management principles 1 ) Basal area just before thinning Thinning threshold Energy wood Energy biomass a r e a ( m 2 h a - 1 thinningt i g B a s a l a Basal area just Remaining basal area threshold Dominant height (m) after thinning 12 Management regimes Changes in basal area thinning thresholds /media/ces/Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010.pdf
  • 28. Crochet_Philippe_CES_2010

    ≤   ≤ >− 0 00 0 )( TTif TTifTTDDFsnow   ≤ >− 0 00 0 )( TTif TTifTTDDFice Mean annual temperature difference Difference relative to 1971-2000 Difference between 25% warmest and 25% coldest years barb2right +1°C (25% warmest) barb2right -0.7°C (25% coldest) barb2right +1.7°C Catchment elevation (m.a.s.l) Catchment elevation (m.a.s.l) s n o w m e l t ( m m / d ) g l a c i a l m e l t /media/ces/Crochet_Philippe_CES_2010.pdf
  • 29. Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs

    ). This can be helpful with respect to finding a common structure in presenting as well in session reporting (for which angles mentioned in the opening session statements of the Workshop participants can provide checkpoints).” Session rapporteur allocation M o n d a y 2 9 . 8 Y u a n g Z h e n g A t h a n a s i o s V o t s i s E i v i n d J u n k e r M i c h a e l L a i h o H e c to r /media/loftslag/Guidelines2-for-rapporteurs.pdf
  • 30. Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM

    i on c a p ac i t y A r ea of r e s i d en c e (Flood p r one /non p r one a r eas) Un c e r t a n t i e s H i g h wi l l i n g n e s s t o p a y L o w wi l l i n g nes to pay D i k e s H i gh t a x a t i on - E arly w arn i n g s y s t e m s - Sof t s t r uct u r a l m e as u r e s -Community training L o w taxation Risk P e r c e p t i o n B e n e f i /media/loftslag/Group-1_Scenarios-for-AWM.pdf

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