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  • 71. norsem_korja

    Observations on Intraplate Seismicity in Central Fennoscandia Korja, A.1, Uski, M.1, Lund, B.2, Grigull, S.3, Nironen, M.4, E., Högdahl, K.2 1University of Helsinki, Institute of Seismology, Helsinki, Finland, 2University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden 3Geological Survey of Sweden, Uppsala, Sweden 4Geological Survey of Finland, Espoo, Finland Fennoscandian Shield /media/norsem/norsem_korja.pdf
  • 72. Traffc-maintenance_expenditures

    Manage- Basic Purchase Road Road net- Const- Acquisi- Govern- Com- Participati- Value Miscel- Total 2009 ment and road of equip- system work post- ruction tion of ment missi- on of the added laneous cost operating manage- ment develop- poned-, of land grants ons European tax over- level costs ment ment comprehen- build- and com- Regional De- heads 1991- 1991- sive- and ings pensation /media/loftslag/Traffc-maintenance_expenditures.pdf
  • 73. Kok_et_al._TFSC_published_2011

    and taking a long-term view (see e.g. [2]). Technological Forecasting & Social Change 78 (2011) 835–851  Corresponding author. E-mail addresses: (K. Kok), (I. Bärlund), (A. Dubel), (J. Sendzimir). 0040-1625/$ – see front matter ? 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2011.01.004 Contents lists /media/loftslag/Kok_et_al._TFSC_published_2011.pdf
  • 74. Pollution

    fulfill highest standard of reporting. NOAA's annual Hero award 2007 Figure 2. Óskar J. Sigurðsson receives the NOAA's annual Hero Award from the American Ambassador Carol van Voorst in Reykjavík on June 19th 2007. © Sally K. Hodgson / American Embassy. Additionally, Óskar received NOAA's annual Hero Award in April 2007. From a staff of 12500 only ten were chosen this year /pollution-and-radiation/pollution/
  • 75. Aurora and the Earth's magnetic field

    The Kp-index is from 0 to 9, where 0 describes minimum activity and 9 maximum. Most of the time the Kp-index is 0-3 and the highest numbers are very rare. The Kp-index is calculated as a weighted mean of K-indices from many magnetic observatories around the world. The K-index for each observatory is calculated from the maximum variation in the horizontal field strength over 3 hours /weather/articles/nr/2549
  • 76. ces_risk_flyer

    and distribution network are all identified a section at a time. In some cases, however, it might be more valuable to focus only on a certain part of functional model. Fig.1. Functional Model. The results of the risk analysis are represented visually in a fourfold table. (Fig.2) The main idea of the table is to provide a readily interpretable overview of h hi hli h d i k d i i i l i Having already been /media/ces/ces_risk_flyer.pdf
  • 77. Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010

    FOREST BIOMASS FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION – POTENTIALS, MANAGEMENT AND RISKS UNDER CLIMATE CHANGE Ashraful Alam, Antti Kilpeläinen, Seppo Kellomäki School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu F t Cli t d R bl E I t Ri k d Ad t tiu ure Cl ma e an enewa e nergy – mpac s, s s an ap a on Oslo, Norway 2 June, 2010 Contents • Forestry in Finland • Challenges • Objectives /media/ces/Alam_Ashraful_CES_2010.pdf
  • 78. Lawrence_Deborah_CES_2010

    ECHAM4/OPYC3 NorClim/HIRHAM 25x25 km 'Empirical Adjustment' to 1 x 1 km 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 1 10 100 1000 Return period (years) P e a k d a i l y d i s c h a r g e ( m 3 / s ) 1981-2010 GEV from annual max series 2021-2050 GEV from annual max series 2021 - 2050 Annual maximum series 1981 - 2010 Annual maximum series 1981-2010 200-year flood 2021 /media/ces/Lawrence_Deborah_CES_2010.pdf
  • 79. Public-Choice-2012---Teyssier---Inequity-and-risk-aversion-in-sequential-public-good-games

    mover’s payoff, while mover 2’s payoff is greater than or equal to the first mover’s payoff. The payoff function is that of the basic public good game. The marginal return from the public good is a ∈ [0,1], and each agent’s initial endowment is E. The payoff function Rik of agent i as mover k, k = 1 for the first mover and k = 2 for the second mover, is defined as follows: Rik =E − xik + a (xik /media/loftslag/Public-Choice-2012---Teyssier---Inequity-and-risk-aversion-in-sequential-public-good-games.pdf
  • 80. IPPC-2007-ar4_syr

    (-33%) during 1970 to 2004 has been smaller than the com- bined effect of global income growth (77%) and global population growth (69%); both drivers of increasing energy-related CO2 emis- sions. The long-term trend of declining CO2 emissions per unit of en- ergy supplied reversed after 2000. {WGIII 1.3, Figure SPM.2, SPM} Differences in per capita income, per capita emissions and energy /media/loftslag/IPPC-2007-ar4_syr.pdf

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