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  • 51. Rolf_Johnsen_(Region_Midt,_Dk)

    Reference list: Thomé- Scmidt, P. “Sea level change affecting the spatial development in the Baltic Sea Region.” Geological Survey of Finland, special edition paper 41. pp. 51-59. Van Roosmallen L., Christensen, B.S.B, Sonnenborg, T.O. “Regional difference in climate change impacts on groundwater and stream discharge in Denmark”, 2007. Vadose Zone Journal 6: 554-571. /media/loftslag/Rolf_Johnsen_(Region_Midt,_Dk).pdf
  • 52. Recent publications

    Jóhannesson (2011). A data set of gridded daily temperature in Iceland, 1949-2010. Jökull 61, 1-18. Oddur Sigurðsson (2011). Iceland glaciers. Í: V. P. Singh, P. Singh & U. K. Haritashya (ritstj.). Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and Glaciers. Springer, Dordrecht, s. 630-636. Árni Snorrason, Jórunn Harðardóttir & Þorsteinn Þorsteinsson (2011). Climate and Energy Systems – Project Structure. In: Þorsteinn /about-imo/arctic/completed-projects/publications/
  • 53. IMO_AnnualReport2014

    ANNUAL REPOR T 2014 2 I C E L A N D I C M E T O F F I C E / A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 4 ?Veðurstofa Íslands 2015 Bústaðavegur 7–9, 108 Reykjavík, Iceland The annual report was drafted by the IMO sta?. Editor: Sigurlaug Gunnlaugsdóttir Design and layout: Hvíta húsið Printing: Oddi ISSN 2251-5607 Cover photo: Gro Birkefeldt Møller Pedersen I N D E X 4 Bárðarbunga 7 Rockslide /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/IMO_AnnualReport2014.pdf
  • 54. esa_flyer_new

    EA Analyse A/S and Optensys Energianalys will forecast energy system variables, while SINTEF Energy Research will make assumptions for the energy system in different cases, include new inputs in the EMPS model and carry out simulations. Cl i ma t e Sc e nar i os G ro u p R i s ø St o c h as t i c v a r i a b l e s Clima t e s c e n a r i o NV E S M H I FE I N o r w a y S w e d e n F inla n /media/ces/esa_flyer_new.pdf
  • 55. Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change

    Grin’s work on this article was part of the programme of the Dutch Knowledge network on System Innovations (KSI). P. Huntjens (&)  C. Pahl-Wostl Institute for Environmental Systems Research, University of Osnabruck, Barbarastraße 12, Geb. 66, 49069 Osnabruck, Germany e-mail: J. Grin Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam /media/loftslag/Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change.pdf
  • 56. Karlsdottir-Risk_analysis_IMO_SK

    eruptions close to populated areas and/or international airports International Strategy for Disaster Reduction ( WMO (1999) Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Natural Hazards WMO/TD No. 955, 92 p. Living with Risk: A global review of disaster reduction initiatives (2004) Global assessment report on disaster risk reduction (2009) Terminology /media/loftslag/Karlsdottir-Risk_analysis_IMO_SK.pdf
  • 57. ces_geus_paakitsoq_full_report

    The applied glacier mass balance model is a simplified version of the energy balance approach. An abstract of the model is given in the following, for a comprehensive model description we refer to Machguth et al. (2009). The model requires air temperature (Ta), global radiation (Sin) and precipitation (P ) for meteorological input. The model runs at daily steps, and the cumulative mass balance bc on day t /media/ces/ces_geus_paakitsoq_full_report.pdf
  • 58. Hydropower, Hydrology

    Change Impacts on Water Resources and Lake. Regulation in the Vuoksi Watershed in Finland. Water Resour Management (2010) 24:3437-3459. DOI 10.1007/s11269-010-9614-z. Veijalainen N., Lotsari, E., Alho, P., Vehviläinen, B., Käyhkö, J. (2010). National scale assessment of climate change impacts on flooding in Finland. Journal of Hydrology 391 (2010) 333-350. Yang, W., Andréasson, J., Graham, L.P /ces/publications/nr/1938
  • 59. 2010_003rs

    place in the same area on 5 December in 1968 (Tryggvason, 1973; Erlendsson and Einarsson, 1996; Halldórsson, 2004). A quite large event also occurred on the RP on 10 June 1933. Its best known location is near to Fagradalsfjall, at 63.9°N and 22.2°W, and it was probably of magnitude M 5.5 (Tryggvason, 1973; Halldórsson, 2004). 8 F ig ure 1 .3 . A m a p s h o w in g e p ice n tr e lo /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2010/2010_003rs.pdf
  • 60. VI2010-006_web

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