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  • 91. AnneFleig_May2010_CES

    E l b e i n D r e s d e n , A p r i l 2 0 0 7 CES conference, Oslo, Norway, 31 May - 2 June 2010 Typical features • develop slowly, • become severe when they cover a large region and persist for an extended period. E l b e i n D r e s d e n , A p r i l 2 0 0 7 ( s p i e g e l . d e ) Anne K. Fleig et al. “Regional hydrological droughts and weather types in north /media/ces/AnneFleig_May2010_CES.pdf
  • 92. Paper-Olafur-Rognvaldsson_91

    High-resolution regional climate simulations over Iceland using polar MM5. Mon. Wea. Rev., 133, 3527– 3547. Buzzi A., Tartaglione N. and Malguzzi P. 1998. Numerical simulations of the 1994 Piedmont flood: Role of orography and moist processes. Mon. Wea. Rev., 126, 2369–2383. Chiao, S., Lin Y.-L. and Kaplan M. L. 2004. Numerical study of the orographic forcing of heavy precipitation during MAP IOP /media/ces/Paper-Olafur-Rognvaldsson_91.pdf
  • 93. Kok_JGEC658_2009

  • 94. 2010_017

    mparing th . The MM onths as sh t areas of t bias. The d n melting o watershed. M5 data above the unoff are t istilfirði (vh Aug Sep O 7.5 4.3 1 7.1 3.9 0 0.4 0.4 0 ure 1961–2 is shown w tures data w erature dat e MM5 tem 5 temperat own in Tab he Austari- ifference is nly takes p As the ele will only c melt thres herefore m m 26), 196 ct Nov Dec .2 -1.7 -3.1 .5 -2.5 -4.1 .7 0.8 1.0 005 for Sa /media/ces/2010_017.pdf
  • 95. Tornado_Impacts_-_FMI_Presentation

    fatalities occurred in mobile homes, although only 7.6% of U.S. housing units in 2000. • A one standard deviation in the proportion of mobile homes in housing stock (8.3 percentage points) increases fatalities by 36% and injuries by 18%. The Mobile Home Problem 50 60 70 80 90 P e r c e n t a g e o f C a t e g o r y F a t a l i t i e s Mobile Homes 0 10 20 30 40 F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F /media/loftslag/Tornado_Impacts_-_FMI_Presentation.pdf
  • 96. ces-oslo2010_proceedings

    E-mail: Internet: May 2010 2 Contents Snorrason, Á. and Hisdal, H. Welcome to the conference “Future Climate and Renewable Energy: Impacts, Risks and Adaptation” ................ 6 PRESENTATIONS Gode, J. and Thörn, P. Stakeholder relevance of the CES project /media/ces/ces-oslo2010_proceedings.pdf
  • 97. VI_2009_012

    um dvínun hraða og hröðunar með fjarlægð frá upptökum jarðskjálfta, en sú síðari er um: 1) þróun sjálfvirkrar kortlagningar sprungna í nær- rauntíma, 2) rauntímamat á stærð jarðskjálfta byggt á ráðandi tíðni í P-bylgjum (ElarmS), 3) samband milli skjálftaáhrifa og mesta hraða og hröðunar, 4) þróun sjálfvirkra, rauntíma „alert“ korta og hristingskorta (ShakeMap) fyrir jarðskjálfta, 5 /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2009/VI_2009_012.pdf
  • 98. Public-Choice-2012---Teyssier---Inequity-and-risk-aversion-in-sequential-public-good-games

    aversion should influence the first mover’s decision. The 98 Public Choice (2012) 151:91–119 Fi g. 1 O pt im al co n tr ib u tio n de pe nd in g o n α , r an d p Public Choice (2012) 151:91–119 99 Table 1 The predicted effect of intrinsic preferences on first and second movers’ contributions 1st mover 2nd mover Disadvantageous Negative None inequity aversion Advantageous None Positive inequity /media/loftslag/Public-Choice-2012---Teyssier---Inequity-and-risk-aversion-in-sequential-public-good-games.pdf
  • 99. Eriksson_Garvill_Nordlund_2006

    of freedom, while CFI indicates to what extent the fit of the model is better compared to the independence model (Jo¨reskog & So¨rbom, 1993; see also MacCallum & Austin, 2000). According to Browne and Cudeck (1993), a RMSEA value of 0.05 is indicative of a good fit, and a value of 0.08 a reasonable fit. Divergence from a RMSEA value of 0.05 may be tested, and a nonsignificant p value of close fit /media/loftslag/Eriksson_Garvill_Nordlund_2006.pdf
  • 100. Refsgaard_etal-2007-Uncertainty-EMS

    Refsgaard a,*, Jeroen P. v Peter A. Vanroll a Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenlan b Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and Innovation Utrecht University, Utrecht c Environmental Modelling & Softwar equitable manner without compromising the sustainability of * Corresponding author. Tel.: þ45 38 142 776; fax: þ45 38 142 050. E-mail address: (J.C. Refsgaard). 1364-8152 /media/loftslag/Refsgaard_etal-2007-Uncertainty-EMS.pdf

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