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  • 61. Weather warning - violent storm

    Weather warning - violent storm 4.12.2015 A strong gale warning (average windspeed above 20 m/s) is in effect in Iceland this afternoon and for most of tomorrow. A violent storm (average wind speed, above 28 m/s) is expected /about-imo/news/nr/3245
  • 62. Severe gale or storm

    Severe gale or storm Heaviest rainfall around mountains and ice-caps 19.10.2016 A weather warning was issued yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 18th October, forecasting south and southeast severe gale or storm (average wind speed 20 - 28 m/s) in most of Iceland until /about-imo/news/severe-gale-or-storm
  • 63. News

    News © Morten S Riishuus /about-imo/news/bigimg/3453
  • 64. ces_SA_group_flyer_new

    series analysis Regional series are compiled based on regions having similar climatological characteristics and streamflow regimes. These series are also useful for evaluating patterns and trends, both in time and by region. Regional series for precipitation, temperature and runoff are being compiled, updated and analysed within the CES project. - 4 0 - 2 0 0 2 0 4 0 6 0 W S P S U M A Q , % - 4 0 /media/ces/ces_SA_group_flyer_new.pdf
  • 65. norsem_asdis

    the first tomographic model of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, south Iceland, using ambient noise tomography. The data were collected on a dense network of temporary and SIL seismometers prior to and during the 2010 eruption. Cross-correlations between stations enabled us to construct phase-velocity dispersion curves and create phase-velocity maps, for periods between 1.6-6.5 s /media/norsem/norsem_asdis.pdf

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