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  • 21. VI_2014_005

    and direction, as well as air temperature, from the IMO operational surface station net- work. Most anemometers are installed at 10 m above ground level (mAGL). However, at some stations, surface winds are measured at different heights, h, varying between 4.0 and 18.3 m. 3This is done using a GRIB-API command on Parameter 141 (snow depth) in the earliest boundary data file: grib_set -f -d 0.0 -w /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2014/VI_2014_005.pdf
  • 22. Bárðarbunga 2014 - August events

    line shows the number of all measured earthquakes but the red line shows the number of earthquakes above 1.5 in magnitude. During these years, the measuring net has improved and become more sensitive. That is the reason for showing the larger earthquakes separately. 18 August 2014 20:45 - An overview of the first three days Since the onset of the earthquake swarm at Bárðarbunga on Saturday /earthquakes-and-volcanism/articles/nr/3000/
  • 23. NONAM_1st_workshop_summary_v3

  • 24. Henriksen_Barlebo-2008-AWM_BBN-Journ_Env_Management

    in the data used in making the decision and the factors are interlinked, all of which makes the problem highly complex. The part of the net defined by variables and links is relatively easily communicated to stakeholders (Henriksen et al., 2007b). However the tal Management 88 (2008) 1025–1036 quantitative part, with the conditional probability tables (CPTs), the numbers, is the step where /media/loftslag/Henriksen_Barlebo-2008-AWM_BBN-Journ_Env_Management.pdf
  • 25. VI_2022_006_extreme

    that, the detrended timeseries would have had a net difference of zero if the negative values had not been set back to zero. This shows that over the 39 years of data, there was a slight precipitation increase for this grid-point. This trend has been removed, resulting in a detrended, almost flat dataset. 29 Figure 14. Regression lines for hourly precipitation timeseries of grid-point [100, 100] from /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2022/VI_2022_006_extreme.pdf
  • 26. VI_Arsskyrsla_2018_vef

    grundvelli myndatöku með flygildum og leysimælitæki (TLS) hefur verið notað við kortlagningu flóðfara og við mat á útbreiðslu og umfangi hlaupa. Þétt net jarðskjálftamæla, sem staðsettir eru á jökulskerjum eða grafnir í jökul, hefur gefið góða raun við ákvörðun á dýpi jarðskjálfta undir jöklum. Kvikuhreyfingar hafa þannig verið kortlagðar og myndun gosrása staðfest af meiri nákvæmni en áður. Þó /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/arsskyrslur/VI_Arsskyrsla_2018_vef.pdf

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