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  • 21. VI_2015_005

    This is also the case with cyclones in all three sectors. Cyclones in the eastern or western sector are also strongly affected by the presence of central cyclones. In both sectors, cyclones tend to move east, unless there are cyclones in the neighbouring sector, in which case pressure tendencies are reversed. 21 Figure 10. Composite mean temporal MSLP tendencies, for different MSLP modes. Com- posite mean /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/VI_2015_005.pdf
  • 22. VI_2015_009

    by rescaling a dimensionless regional flood frequency distribution or growth curve, qR(D;T ), com- mon to all sites of the homogeneous region, with the so-called index flood, µi(D), of the target site: bQi(D;T ) = µi(D)qR(D;T ); (1) where bQi(D;T ) is the estimated flood quantile, i.e. the T -year flood peak discharge averaged over duration D, at site i. The regional growth curve, qR(D;T /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/VI_2015_009.pdf
  • 23. Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling

    support ) Improv e mode l (integration) ; socia llea rnin g Farmers ,loca l aut horities , association s NO P IN D Cognitiv e mappin g HE T GM B NO P HE T Simulation - by-han d OT :Researcher s KA F F Iska r (Phas e1 ) Co n ce pt u al m o de l (D is cu ss io n su pp o rt ; Com m unication ) Improv e mode l (integration) ; socia llea rnin g Nationa l poli cy-maker s NO P IN D Cognitiv e mappin g HE /media/loftslag/Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling.pdf
  • 24. Kok_JGEC658_2009

    to be simple and therefore has important drawbacks. Future improvements should be made in the light of applications within a larger toolbox of scenario methods.  2008 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. * Tel.: +31 317 482422; fax: +31 317 419000. E-mail address: Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Global Environmental Change journa l homepage: www.e lsev ier .com/ locate /media/loftslag/Kok_JGEC658_2009.pdf
  • 25. Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006

    level, surveys commissioned by the European Com- munity/the European Union provide an indication of trends in concern about cli- mate change. Since 1992, such surveys have been undertaken among representative samples of citizens in its Member States, and specifically on topics related to the environment (Special Eurobarometers (EB) in 1992, 1995, 2002; and a Flash EB in 2002). These have included /media/loftslag/Lorenzoni_Pidgeon_2006.pdf
  • 26. Reykholt-abstracts

  • 27. VI_2016_006_rs

    Such landslides fall from a comparatively high elevation, cause extensive disruption and upheaval of loose materials and soils in their way, and can travel considerable distances uphill against opposing slopes. Secondly, there are medium-sized or large, rapid debris flows that are released from com- paratively high elevations and are confined to gullies as they travel down the mountain- side, similar /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2016/VI_2016_006_rs.pdf
  • 28. VI_2019_009

    To distinguish between rain and snow, the volume is com- pared to the water equivalent but the volume of snow is ten times larger. Figure 1. How PWD22 determines the type of precipitation. Using the information about the changes of the backscatter signal, water equivalent and temper- ature the Vaisala Present Weather Detector can give information about the type of precipitation. It is also used /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2019/VI_2019_009.pdf
  • 29. 2013_001_Nawri_et_al

  • 30. VI_2020_004

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