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  • 1. Traffc-maintenance_expenditures

    Manage- Basic Purchase Road Road net- Const- Acquisi- Govern- Com- Participati- Value Miscel- Total 2009 ment and road of equip- system work post- ruction tion of ment missi- on of the added laneous cost operating manage- ment develop- poned-, of land grants ons European tax over- level costs ment ment comprehen- build- and com- Regional De- heads 1991- 1991- sive- and ings pensation /media/loftslag/Traffc-maintenance_expenditures.pdf
  • 2. Henriksen_Barlebo-2008-AWM_BBN-Journ_Env_Management

    Journal of Environmental Management 88 Heid , Øste d e A broad range of tools are available for integrated water resource management (IWRM). In the EU research project NeWater, a Human dependence on water leaves us vulnerable to climate change, flood and drought hazards, and poverty dynamic element of vulnerable groups and their relation- ship to water resources, and to represent the decisions /media/loftslag/Henriksen_Barlebo-2008-AWM_BBN-Journ_Env_Management.pdf
  • 3. Journal_of_Hydrology_Veijalainen_etal

    ; fax: +358 20 490 2590. E-mail address: (N. Veijalainen). Journal of Hydrology 391 (2010) 333–350 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Journal of Hydrology journal homepage: www.elsevier .com/ locate / jhydrol Author's personal copy narios from GCMs or RCMs, and with different emission scenarios (e.g. Menzel et al., 2006; Minville et al., 2008; Prudhomme and Da /media/ces/Journal_of_Hydrology_Veijalainen_etal.pdf
  • 4. Climatic-Change-2012---Personality-type-differences-between-Ph.D.-climate-experts-and-general-public---implications-for-communication

    %) 14 (26%) 39 (74%) Gender Number (%) E I S N T F P J Male 100 (48%) 47 (47%) 53 (53%) 15 (15%) 85 (85%) 59 (59%) 41 (41%) 29 (29%) 71 (71%) Female 109 (52%) 66 (61%) 43 (39%) 22 (20%) 87 (80%) 43 (39%) 66 (61%) 21 (19%) 88 (81%) Climatic Change (2012) 112:233–242 237 symposia participants were not significantly different from the preferences of the U.S. general population, which was 49 /media/loftslag/Climatic-Change-2012---Personality-type-differences-between-Ph.D.-climate-experts-and-general-public---implications-for-communication.pdf
  • 5. vanRoosmalen_etal-2009-WRR_2007WR006760

    with 20% and 2% for the HIRHAM experiments using HadAM3H and with 30% and 7% for the ECHAM- driven experiments for Middle Europe and Scandinavia, respectively. [18] RCM output is not available for the entire period 1961–2100 because transient RCM simulations are com- putationally very demanding. Instead two 30-year time slices are available; one representative for the climate in the period 1961–1990 /media/loftslag/vanRoosmalen_etal-2009-WRR_2007WR006760.pdf
  • 6. Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011

    were carried out to obtain the flow and sliding parameters for Hoffellsjökull that resulted in a good simulation of the observed 20th century evolution of the glacier geometry. The obtained values for the rate factor and the sliding parameter are A= 4.6× 10−15 s−1 kPa−3 and C = 10× 10−15 m a−1 Pa−3, respectively. The ice divide is kept at a fixed location in the model com- putations presented here /media/ces/Adalgeirsdottir-etal-tc-5-961-2011.pdf
  • 7. GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen

    the principalmethods have not changed much over the years, theamount of field work has varied. In the first 15 yearsthe monitoring programme at Storbreen was com-prehensive, often three or more snow density pits were dug, snow depth was measured at about 600points and ablation was measured on 30 stakes evenly distri uted on the glacier (Liestøl 1967).Based on experience of the snow pattern, the ob- servations /media/ces/GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen.pdf
  • 8. 2010_005_

    which are significantly lower com- pared with similar beginning and end years. Consequently, for the 2004–50 period, the average RCM warming rates of 0.29 K per decade over the ocean, and 0.35 K per decade over the land are somewhat larger than for the reduced IPCC ensemble mean. Additionally, the tabulated values of SAT differences between the 1961–90 control period and either the 2021–50 /media/ces/2010_005_.pdf
  • 9. VI_2015_009

    J600v berg 2.utg) were also used in this study. Table 1. Main characteristics of river basins used in this study. River Name Type Area Mean Percentage Mean annual Period / (km2) elevation glacier precipitation for Gauging (m a.s.l) (mm) streamflow station (1961-2014) data vhm59 Ytri-Rangá L 622 365 0 1564 1961–2014 vhm64 Ölfusá L+D+J+S 5687 480 12.2 2003 1950–2014 vhm66 Hvítá (Borgarfirði) L+J 1577 /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/VI_2015_009.pdf
  • 10. VI_2009_006_tt

    to theoretical framework. I do also want to thank him for an enjoyable time during this work, both in the office and in the field. This work was carried out as a part of the Skaftá cauldrons research project which was funded and supported by the Icelandic Centre For Research (RANNÍS), Kvískerja- sjóður, the NASA Astrobiology Institute, Landsvirkjun (the National Power Com- pany), the National Energy /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2009/VI_2009_006_tt.pdf

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