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  • 1. Helle_Katrine_Andersen_(DANVA,_Dk)

    Vision for Proactive Climate Change Adaptation in the Danish Water Sector Speaker: Helle Katrine Andersen, DANVA To inspire water utilities to develop climate change adaptation strategies and to implement CC adaptation solutions The Danish Water and Waste Water Association (DANVA) has developed a vision for Proactive Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Sector /media/loftslag/Helle_Katrine_Andersen_(DANVA,_Dk).pdf
  • 2. Group3-The-future-of-the-Finnish-national-road-network

    The future of the Finnish national road network under changing climate Erik Schou Gudina L. Feyisa Karoliina Pilli-Sihvola NONAM summer school 26.8.2011 Copenhagen Fuzzy cognitive map -1 -0,5 0 0,5 1 1,5 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 Traffic Costs Policy CC Policy Traffic Research Tech Strat Nat.feat Costs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CC 1 0 0,2 0 0 0 0 0 0,7 Policy 2 0 0 -0,6 0,8 0 0 0 0 /media/loftslag/Group3-The-future-of-the-Finnish-national-road-network.pdf
  • 3. Bakkagerði - weather station - information

    coastal areas(ag) Location65°31.412 , 13°49.004 (65.5235, 13.8167) Height above sea-level28.0 m a.s.l. Beginning of weather observations2017 Station owned byVeðurstofa Íslands - Ofanflóð View the observations on a mapStation list /weather/stations/
  • 4. CES_BioFuels_Flyer_new

    ) and changing climate (CC:CC) 1. Current climate (CU) - varying thinning regimes (0%, 15%, 30%,45%) 2. Changing climate (CC) - varying thinning regimes (0%, 15%, 30%,45%) 3. Current (CU) & changing climate (CC) - current thinning regime 4. Current (CU) & changing climate (CC) - changed thinning regimes C l i m a t e s c e n a r i o s M ea s u r e m en t s o f c l i m a t e p /media/ces/CES_BioFuels_Flyer_new.pdf
  • 5. Group3-Road-scenarios

    -scale natural disaster one would expect that people would abandon their cars from one day to another. Political uncertainty – budget uncertainty Scenario combination Impact Adaptation measures North South North South A * CC: Possible increase in the amount of snow  more snow clearing  increase in operational costs S-E: increase in traffic volume  increased wear of roads /media/loftslag/Group3-Road-scenarios.pdf
  • 6. norsem_begga

    The observed travel time differences already mentioned can either be obtained from absolute times of measured (picked) phase arrivals (logged in earthquake catalogs) or as relative times between phases measured with cross-correlation (CC) of waveforms. CC between closely spaced earthquakes can give highly accurate relative time differences between phases, and can correct bad picks from /media/norsem/norsem_begga.pdf
  • 7. Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling

    stage )Suppor t an d ski lls n ee de d Har e et a l. (2003 ) X X An aly se lin ks be tw ee n participator y structur e an d proces s implementatio n Ba rr et ea u et a l. (2010 ) X X X Pr o vid e cle ar de sc rip tio n o fproces s (m an ag e ex pe ct at io n s); monitorin g an d evaluatio n Bot s an d va n Daale n (2008 ) X X X X X Su pp o rt pr o ce ss de sig n Ad ap te d fra m ew o rk u se d in th /media/loftslag/Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling.pdf
  • 8. IPPC-2007-ar4_syr

  • 9. Group4

    mix, 4) mobility patterns, technological development, 5) equitable distribution of social goods, ethical dynamics Background information and knowledge gaps: 1) time scale-what is the consensus view of when are the CC impacts projected to begin to be felt, 2) spatial scale-where are the impacts expected to occur, 3) vulnerability assessments of differential capacity to adapt to CC impacts /media/loftslag/Group4.pdf
  • 10. 2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343

    sr el at ed to ag ric ul tu re in D en m ar k Cl im at e ch an ge im pa ct Adaptatio n Typ e o f proble m Conse quenc e Ris k leve l Dom inatin g uncertaint y Optio n Cos t leve l Inten t Actio n Tempora l scop e Spatia l scop e Additiona luncertaint y Sou rc e Natur e Sourc e Natur e In cr ea se d su m m er drought san d highe r w at er re qu ire m en ts caus e by longe rcro p growt h durat io n /media/loftslag/2012-Refsgaard_etal-uncertainty_climate-change-adaptation-MITI343.pdf

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