Monitoring Öræfajökull - 20.11.2017

Scientists from IMO, the Earth Sciences Institute of the University of Iceland and a representative of the Icelandic Civil Protection Authority flew over Öræfajökull Saturday 18 November to assess ice-surface changes in the volcano's caldera. They have been meeting over the weekend to analyse recent measurements and assess the situation.

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A new ice-cauldron in Öræfajökull volcano - 17.11.2017

New satellite images of Öræfajökull volcano shows that a new ice-cauldron has formed within the caldera in the last week. It seems that geothermal water has been slowly released from underneath the cauldron to the glacial river of the Kvíárjökull outlet-glacier.

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New seismic stations installed around Öræfajökull - 3.11.2017

Due to the recent increase in seismic activity around Öræfajökull, the monitoring level of the volcano has been potentiated. Since the end of October, three new seismic stations are streaming data into the monitoring system at IMO headquarter improving IMO's capability to detect and locate earthquakes in the area. This additional installation results in a much larger number of earthquakes of small size detected on a daily basis, and also improves the estimate of earthquakes spatial locations and their magnitudes.

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IMO: Impact based color-coded warnings on web - 1.11.2017

The Meteorological Office is launching a new, color-coded warning system, thereby advancing service to the public and to stakeholders. The main changes are that the new system will be impact based and replaces an older system where only climatological thresholds were used as markers for warnings.

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