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    Increased water levels are expected in SE and E today with increased risk of mud slides.
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    Severe gales (more than 20 m/s) expected in the highlands, also in the northeast part for a period today. Heavy rain expected in SE-Iceland. Valid to 25.09.2017 00:00 More
child on a footpath
A young traveller in Skaftafell, Iceland July 2008.

Safe travelling

A web site on travel safety


Last summer, a group was formed consisting of Icelandic organizations, companies and government institutions, including the Icelandic Meteorological Office, that have an interest in the travel industry. This group created a web site, Safetravel.is, where information on travel safety is accessible.

ICE-SAR, a non-profit organization of rescue teams which have been on the alert for decades, has in recent years worked towards increased travel safety by preventive measures. Further effort is being made by forming the above mentioned group, which will ensure better use of financial resources, diverse knowledge and experience. The parties involved in the project have combined their efforts so that all available information can be accessed in one place.

Information on various types of outdoor activities, Icelandic nature and weather are among the topics on the web site. Furthermore, there are links to maps, information on road conditions, weather forecasts, recreation and more.

Tourists are encouraged to acquaint themselves with conditions in Iceland and safety measures relating to their way of travelling before arriving in the country. In this way, they can ensure safer travel.

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