Spoken forecast

Spoken forecast via pre-recorded message

Telephone: +354 902 0600

The latest weather forecast is available in English via a telephone service operated by the Icelandic Meteorological Office. This automated service uses a pre-recorded message, which is up-dated daily. The tariff for this service is the same throughout the country, and calls are priced according to the rates of Síminn - Iceland's national telecommunication company.

Overseas callers should note that the international dialling code for Iceland is 354. When dialling from a mobile telephone, the prefix +354 can be used.

After dialling 902 0600, the available options are announced; press '1' to hear the weather forecast in English. To hear the same forecast again, press either '0' or '#' on your telephone console.

The spoken forecast is recorded shortly after the text forecast appears on the Web-site.

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