Avalanche bulletin - Eyjafjörður (experimental)

  • Mon Jan 17

    Considerable danger
  • Tue Jan 18

    Moderate danger
  • Wed Jan 19

    Moderate danger

Windslabs have formed in strong SW-W winds last days. A clear sign of instability was seen in Siglufjörður and Ólafsfj. where slabs are on top of firn which is covered with surface hoar. Also a weak layer of graupel. Increasing instability expected in the warm SW-winds early monday morning.

The avalanche bulletin is at a regional scale. It does not necessarily represent avalanche danger in urban areas.

Avalanche problems in the area

Snow layers and snow cover

Windslabs have formed in strong SW-W winds the last few days. Snowpits from both Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður showed buried surface hoar between the old firn and the new wind slab which gave sudden planar failure with easy load and propagation. A thin layer of hail which failed easily was also spotted just below the surface crust. A similar weak layer was found in a snowpit at Öxnadalsheiði on the 8th. The stiff snow on top seemed then to protect it from stress and decrease the likelihood of collapse. Today the snowpit from the same spot in Siglufjörður didn"t show the surface hoar nor the windslab. But a layer of graupel was spotted below two layers of new snow. The graupel failed with easy load. PST gave fracture at 55 cm of 100.

Recent avalanches

Three slabs were spotted in Hlíðarfjall on Saturday after strong SW-W winds lately

Weather forecast

Easy E-winds with snowfall until the SW-wind will pick upp early on Monday morning with rapid temp. rising. Some cooling on Thursday but still strong W-winds and more northerly during the night with snow showers.

Forecast made: 16 Jan 18:59 GMT. Valid until: 17 Jan 19:00 GMT.

Avalanche Danger Scale

Very high


About the bulletin

IMO issues an avalanche bulletin Monday, Wedenesday and Friday at 16:00 GMT for three selected areas.

Safe backcountry travel requires training and experience. You control your own risk by choosing where, when and how you travel.


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