Avalanche bulletin - Eyjafjörður (experimental)

  • Mon Mar 04

    Considerable danger
  • Tue Mar 05

    Considerable danger
  • Wed Mar 06

    Considerable danger

Dangerous avalanche conditions are in the region. Weakness is present in the new snow as it has widely drifted into S-facing aspects and formed wind slabs. Travelers should beware of steep slopes and exercise caution.

The avalanche bulletin is at a regional scale. It does not necessarily represent avalanche danger in urban areas.

Avalanche problems in the area

Wind slabs have formed in southern aspects in the mountains as considerable amount of new dry snow is present after this week.

Weak layer is present in the snowpack that has likely developed in the frost this weekend.

Snow layers and snow cover

Unstable new snow and wind slabs are widely in the area as new snow has drifted into S-facing aspects. Steep temperature gradient has been detected in the snowpack widely in the region and weak layers have been found. These weak layers have developed in the frost this weekend. Older weak layers could also still be present in the snowpack at more depth but it likely takes a lot of pressure to trigger an avalanche on that layer as the snow has gone through freeze-thaw cycles. Minor warming comes with eastern slush and snowfall early on Monday which could compromise stability temporarily.

Recent avalanches

Small slabs fell at Brúnin in Hlíðarfjall on Saturday 2.3. but also in Hofsskarð and Reistarárskarð in Hörgársveit. Several small avalanches were reported in Hlíðarfjall following the snowfall on Tuesday. Additionally, a small avalanche was triggered by explosives in Hlíðarfjall on Wednesday.

Weather forecast

Snowfall is expected in E-winds in the mountains early Monday. Mostly dry on Tuesday and Wednesday. It gets warmer on Monday with temperatures reaching up to 7 degrees in the lowlands.

Forecast made: 03 Mar 17:28 GMT. Valid until: 04 Mar 19:00 GMT.

Avalanche Danger Scale

Very high


About the bulletin

IMO issues an avalanche bulletin Monday, Wedenesday and Friday at 16:00 GMT for three selected areas.

Safe backcountry travel requires training and experience. You control your own risk by choosing where, when and how you travel.


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