Avalanche bulletin - Tröllaskagi

  • Wed Apr 17

    Considerable danger
  • Thu Apr 18

    Considerable danger
  • Fri Apr 19

    Considerable danger

Layered windslabs in most aspects but mainly after prevailing NE winds. Persistent weak layer still present in snowprofiles, avalanches falling on this old weakness can be large. Windslab formation Thursday-Friday in E-NE winds and NW-winds on Monday

The avalanche bulletin is at a regional scale. It does not necessarily represent avalanche danger in urban areas.

Avalanche problems in the area

Still a pwl with facits by the surface of the old firn

Snow layers and snow cover

Prevailing NE winds and heavy snow accumulation have built up layered windslabs. Snowprofiles still shows PWL at the interfaces between windslab and firn and inbetween windslabs as well. The old weakness may be at significant depths due to heavy snow accumulation lately so avalanches released down on the firn could be large. New windslab formation Thursday-Friday in E-NE winds and NW-winds on Monday.

Recent avalanches

Several slabs in E-NE winds on Thursday-Friday. 10. April: Skier triggered slab (Sixe: 2, elev: 600 m, aspect: SSE) in Bæjarfjall. 9.April Skier triggered slab (Sixe: 2.5, elev: 600 m, aspect: S) in Bæjarfjall. Natural avalanche cycle size 2-2,5 in SE-SW aspect on april 7th and 8th. Many human triggered avalanches were released the days after the Easter-snowstorm and many big natural slab avalanches occured during the snowstorm

Weather forecast

Easy winds on Wednesday but turning to E-winds on Thursday with snow for a while

Forecast made: 16 Apr 18:18 GMT. Valid until: 17 Apr 19:00 GMT.

Avalanche Danger Scale

Very high


About the bulletin

IMO issues an avalanche bulletin Monday, Wedenesday and Friday at 16:00 GMT for three selected areas.

Safe backcountry travel requires training and experience. You control your own risk by choosing where, when and how you travel.


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