Sea ice in January 2007

The Coast Guard went on two ice-exploring flights on the 13th and the 28th.

The ice-edge on the 13th came closest to shore 100n.m. WNW off Barði.  The ice was 4-8/10 in density.

On the 28th the ice-edge had edged very close to shore and was closest 12 n.m. N off Kögur.  The density was extensively 4-6/10 but 1-3/10 and much ice scattering off the ice-rim.  In Dýrafjörður there was much scattering of ice and the fjord was impassable to boats and smaller ships.  Also, there was an ice rivet from Barði.  

Numerous notifications from ships came through the latter part of the month and from shore on the 26th of January, when ice scatterings drifted into Dýrafjörður.

From the 21st till the 31st, westerly and southwesterly winds were prewailing in the Greenland strait and westerly winds were noticeable before that time.  There was a near gale, WSW on the 24th.

Haf- og borgarístilkynningar í janúar 2007

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