Sea ice in February 2007

The Coast Guard went on two ice-exploring flights on the 6th and 26th.  

On the 6th the ice-edge came 60 n.m closest to shore, WNW off Blakksnes, 60n.m. W off Barði and 60n.m. NW off Straumsnes.  The density of the ice was 1-7/10.  On the 8th, Bjarni Sæmundsson, the marine research ship, reported that an ice-edge, 5/10 in density, had edged close to shore, or 6604N and 2655V.  On the Coast Guard's ice-exploring flight on the 26th the ice-edge had moved west again and was closest to shore 60n.m. NW of Straumsnes.

On February 10th a ship going from Húsavík reported considerable amount of ice smatterings, that could prove to be dangerous to smaller ships in eastern Skjálfandi.

No dispatches on icebergs were made during the month.

The first days of February had a southerly wind, followed by calm weather but for the last three weeks the wind was easterly and north-easterly.

Haf- og borgarístilkynningar í febrúar 2007

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