Sea ice in March 2007

The Coast Guard went on one ice exploring flight during the month, on the 27th.

The ice-edge was well within the median and closest to shore, about 50n.m. NW off Straumsnes and 60n.m. W off Barði.  The ice-edge density was extensively 4/10 or less than 7-9/10 north off 67°20'N.  A considerable diagenis was discovered in the southernmost part of the exploratory territory.

No other dispatches were made during the month.

Easterly and later northeasterly winds were common in the Greenland strait in the beginning of March but on the 20th - 22nd strong southwesterly arrived and also on the 28th and 29th.

Haf- og borgarístilkynningar í mars 2007

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