Sea ice in April 2007

The Coast Guard went on two ice-exploring flights during the month, on the 12th and the 16th.  The ice was 37n.m. NNW of Skagatá on the 12th and 30n.m. north of Skagi on the 16th.  According to the Coast guard, the ice was 24n.m. closest to shore, north off Kögur on the 12th and had a considerable diagenis south of the ice-edge.  On the 20th a dispatch from a ship came through regarding a dense ice-rivet c.a. 19n.m. NNW off Siglunes.

Southwesterly and westerly winds were frequent in the Greenland strait during the former part of the month but from the 19th til the 26th sharp NE winds succeeded and the ice-edge withdrew.

Ískort með haf- og borgarístilkynningum í apríl 2007

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