Sea ice in October 2008

In the beginning of the month only a small amount of sea ice was in the Greenland Strait, but somewhat of icebergs and one dispatch regarding a possible iceberg was received on October 9th at 67°24N and 25°41W.  On the 21st sea ice was clearly noticable on satellitepictures, which by then had moved into the Greenland Strait and bordered the Blosseville coast of Greenland.  Sea ice was considerably more than average for October.  Harsh northerly winds were on the Greenland Strait until the 26th and the ice edged south.  From the 26th and for the rest of the month, westerly winds were predominant and the ice edged therefore closer to Iceland.  On satellite images taken on the 30th, pretty dense ice was noticable about 70n.m. from Barði but single icebergs and rips were closer, or 50n.m. from Barði.

The Coast Guard did not go on an exploration flight during the month.  Norherly and easterly winds were predominant on the Greenland Strait until the 26th, when westerly winds took over.


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