Sea ice in January 2010

Ice surveys were performed by the Icelandic Coast Guard six times in January. The ice-edge moved towards the Westfjords in the first week and the 7th IMO issued a warning as the ship passage between Barði and Straumnes could close the following days. However, that did not happen, most likely as the ice melted as it came closer ashore.

The 16th the ice-edge was 17,5 nm E of Horn, 12,5 nm N of Drangasker and 16 nm NNE of Þaralátursnes. The 17th two ice bands reach land north of Hornstrandir at the following locations: 66°23N - 21°59V and 66°25N - 22°11V.

The ice retreated and melted the following days, and the 18th the ice-edge was 8,5 nm N of Geirólfsgnúpur. In the following days the ice retreated further and moved W wards. Over 20 observations from ships were reported and 3 from land. Information on the location of the ice-edge was issued 15 times from IMO.

Westerly winds were prevailing in the first half of the month and easterly winds in the second half.


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