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  • 1. Group5-Knowledge_gathering

    1 Horsens case – Knowledge gathering Knowledge needed regarding climate effects  Interactions between oceans and atmosphere  Meteorological processes (i.e. temperature, precipitation, wind, radiations, etc.)  Hydrological processes: - mechanicals (water levels and discharge in rivers, sea level, groundwater table) - chemicals (e.g. pollution)  Cascading effects, e.g /media/loftslag/Group5-Knowledge_gathering.pdf
  • 2. Student group work

  • 3. Group5-Milestones

    1 Stakeholders involvement – Milestones (as OVIs*) Phases Duration (months) OVIs Problem identification 2 All Stakeholders identified and selected within 2 months Information provision 2 Kick-off meeting held Knowledge gathering 6 E.g. 80% questionnaires to public returned and processed at the end of the phase Initial proposal 12 Catalogue of measures Testing & revision 12 /media/loftslag/Group5-Milestones.pdf
  • 4. Group5-Participation_stages

     Scientific experts (geosciences, economics, sociology, psychology)  Farmers  Industry  Road and railway owners  Water supplier  Mitigation/adaptation consultants  The general public n.a Letters, phone calls, announcement in local medias 3 Knowledge gathering (loop with stage 1) 6 months  Horsten municipality  Policy maker  Insurers  Neighbouring municipality /media/loftslag/Group5-Participation_stages.pdf
  • 5. Horsens_breakout_12August

    students. If necessary we can form more than one group for the same topic. 2 Group 1 – Scenarios Objective  To build scenarios for use in a 20 years planning process aiming at design of a climate change adaptation plan. Tasks – questions to be answered 1. Knowledge gathering – climate change effects o Which knowledge is needed regarding climate effects and the involved uncertainties? What /media/loftslag/Horsens_breakout_12August.pdf
  • 6. Group5-Stakeholders_involvement

    Knowledge gathering Proposal Testing Revision Decision- making Milestones 26 August 2011 PM/YZ/EPP 5 Phase s Du r at i o n ( mon t h s ) O V I s Problem iden t i f i ca t i on 2 A l l St a k ehol d e r s i d ent i f i ed an d selected wi t h i n 2 mo n t h s I n f o r ma t i on pro v i s i on 2 Kic k - of f m e et i n g hel d Knowled g e ga t he r i n g 6 /media/loftslag/Group5-Stakeholders_involvement.pdf
  • 7. Group5-Draft_report

    stakeholder involvement process should last a maximum of three years with an allowance for feedback loops along a longer time period. As a basic guideline, the problem identification and information provision stages should each last two months; the knowledge gathering stage may take up to six months; the proposal, testing and revision stages may take up to two years in total; while the decision /media/loftslag/Group5-Draft_report.pdf
  • 8. Outline_for_the_case_Road_maintenance_in_a_changing_climate

    on current and future climate  expected growth rates of traffic intensities  expected growth rate of the vehicle stock  population projections  committed road plans  a dataset with collision data combined with weather data and road & traffic features Tasks – questions to be answered 1. Knowledge gathering – climate change effects  What time frame (horizon) do you choose for the projections /media/loftslag/Outline_for_the_case_Road_maintenance_in_a_changing_climate.pdf
  • 9. VanderKeur_etal-2008-Uncertainty_IWRM-WARM

    be correct and that science therefore has not yet discovered what mechanisms or internal system feedbacks, or other factors were overlooked. Furthermore, when epistemic uncertainty is related to the different views and perspectives the various stakeholders have (i.e., multiple frames), reducing uncertainty by gathering more data or performing further analyses is not feasible. In such cases, a common /media/loftslag/VanderKeur_etal-2008-Uncertainty_IWRM-WARM.pdf

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