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  • 1. VED_AnnualReport-2013_screen

    air pressure, solar radiation and cloud cover, as well as time-series on hydrology, glaciology, earthquakes, floods, sea-ice condition, crustal deformation, avalanches, sediment load in rivers and air pollution. In addition, new fields of re- search and technology are constantly being pursued and developed, e.g. with remote sensing, with the main objective to enhance the capability of IMO /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/arsskyrslur/VED_AnnualReport-2013_screen.pdf
  • 2. Helle_Katrine_Andersen_(DANVA,_Dk)

    emission of greenhouse gases, through an intensified energy saving effort and in 2025 the water sector has become CO2 neutral. Objectives: Each objective expresses the most important measurable overall targets to ensure that we keep the overview. Objectives are not listed in order of priority and for some objectives it is a prerequisite that the right conditions are established which must /media/loftslag/Helle_Katrine_Andersen_(DANVA,_Dk).pdf
  • 3. Climate and Energy

    Climate and Energy (CE) was a Nordic research project (2003-2006) with funding from the Nordic Energy Research and the Nordic energy sector. The main objective of the project was to make a comprehensive assessment of the impact of climate change on renewable energy resources in the Nordic area including hydropower, wind power, bio-fuels and solar energy. This study /climatology/research/ce/
  • 4. EURENEW

    The “European Conference on Impacts of Climate Change on Renewable Energy Sources” aimed at creating a forum for the European energy sector and researchers to exchange views and disseminate information on present research regarding the impacts of climate change on renewable energy sources; hydropower, wind power, bio fuels and solar energy. The objective was also /climatology/research/ce/eurenew/
  • 5. norsem_lindholm

    also been attractive for the petroleum companies with potentials for new resources. The multidisciplinary NEONOR 2 project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council in cooperation with ten petroleum companies and include seven research institutions led by the Norwegian Geological Survey (NGU). The activities started mid 2013 and is closing early 2017. The prime objective /media/norsem/norsem_lindholm.pdf
  • 6. Group5-Milestones

    Revised catalogue of measures Decision-making 2 Published catalogue of measures *Objective Verifiable Indicators: the quantitative, qualitative, and time-bound measures that constitute evidence of the extent to which the aims have been met (see LogFrame matrix) 2 o Figur 1. Stakeholder participation stage o o When you integrate knowledge from different stakeholders, whose knowledge /media/loftslag/Group5-Milestones.pdf
  • 7. Group5-Stakeholders_involvement

    Horsens case / Stakeholders involvement draft report Patience, Yuan, Emmanuel Horsens case / Stakeholders involvement • Overall objective Facilitate adaptation of horsens municipality to climate change • Purpose Negociated catalogue of coping measures adopted at the end of the participatory process • Stakeholders • Participation stages • Milestones 26 August 2011 PM/YZ /media/loftslag/Group5-Stakeholders_involvement.pdf
  • 8. VI_arsskyrsla2020

    the benefits of increasing hydropower due to changes in the seasonality of snow cover as well as in- tensified melting of the glaciers in the region. The seismic monitoring system transitioned into a na- tional digital network with its primary focus on the South Iceland seismic zone. The value of the network for mon- itoring volcanic activity increased significantly, but this objective had /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2020/VI_arsskyrsla2020.pdf
  • 9. Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change

    characterized by two dif- ferent management paradigms—management as control versus management as learning—are contrasted as the extreme, opposing ends of six axes. Interdependence of the regime characteristics and responsiveness to floods and droughts The key objective of our research is to see whether there is a link between regime characteristics and responsiveness to floods and droughts (as an output /media/loftslag/Huntjens_etal-2010-Climate-change-adaptation-Reg_Env_Change.pdf
  • 10. Protective measures

    2003, authors T. Jóhannesson and Kr. M. Hákonardóttir) (pdf 0.8 Mb) Field observations and laboratory experiments for evaluating the effectiveness of avalanche defence structures in Iceland. Main results and future programme (pdf 0,8 Mb) (Í: Proceedings of the International Seminar on Snow and Avalanches Test Sites, Grenoble, France, 22−23 November 2002, F. Naaim-Bouvet, ed., s. 99−109, Grenoble /avalanches/imo/protective/

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