59 results were found for 대방역타이녀출장♡O1O-4889-4785♡侸대방역타이마사지ᇚ대방역타이출장潈대방역태국녀출장㻙대방역태국마사지🚐considering/.


  • 31. VI_2020_008

    a broader perspective, the analysis of extreme measured or simulated precipitation must consider uncertainties in measurement accuracy and unavoidable simplifications in meteo- rological models. These influences are pertinent for hydrologists and civil engineers when considering extreme runoff at a catchment scale. The following ten factors encompass mete- orological and hydrological /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2020/VI_2020_008.pdf
  • 32. VI_2015_009

    estimate (bµ(D)). Figures 5 to 7 present the reference and estimated flood frequency distri- butions obtained at each gauged site, treated as ungauged, considering the index flood model no. 5. When this model is used, the estimated quantiles are relatively unbiased in average and are usually within the 95% CI of the reference quantiles in a majority of target sites. As expected, poor quantile /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/VI_2015_009.pdf
  • 33. CES_D2.4_task1

    in Appendix A.1. However, in analysing the precipitation climate at individual stations, the full period 1961-2008 was used where available. 17 months in late summer and most in winter). Considering the annual sum of precipitation (last panel of Fig. 4.3), the probability of wet years around the year 2050 is projected to reach 70- 85% in most of Fennoscandia and northwestern Russia. Even so /media/ces/CES_D2.4_task1.pdf
  • 34. Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling

    of the categorization was to analyse links between participatory structure and process implementation (see Table 1). Barreteau et al. (2010) developed a framework for participatory research processes which, considering the impor- tance they assign to the role of modelling in such processes, can be applied to participatory modelling as well. Their framework categorizes approaches in terms of: (1) stakeholder /media/loftslag/Hare-2011-ParticipatoryModelling.pdf
  • 35. Refsgaard_etal-2007-Uncertainty-EMS

    Assessment of data uncertainty is an area that theoretically is complex and full of pitfalls, espe- cially when considering the correlation structure and its link Nature Qualitative uncertainty Recognised ignorance Epistemic uncertainty Stochastic uncertainty g & Software 22 (2007) 1543e1556 Varies in time and space D1 D2 D3 to estimate error propagation in calculations. The error propa- gation /media/loftslag/Refsgaard_etal-2007-Uncertainty-EMS.pdf
  • 36. ces-glacier-scaling-memo2009-01

    of melt water from glaciated areas in long integrations for a warming climate. Glacier dynamics This problem can be qualitatively analysed by considering the continuity equation for ice vol- ume, which may be expressed as ¶h ¶t + ¶q ¶x = b or ¶h ¶t +~ ~q = b ; (1) for a one-dimensional ice flow channel or an ice cap that flows in two horizontal dimensions, respectively. h is ice thickness, q or ~q /media/ces/ces-glacier-scaling-memo2009-01.pdf
  • 37. 2010_012rs

    on the seismicity concentration in the preceding 19 hours, an approximate N-S fault strike could have been assumed for the following ML6.5 event, but considering a longer period, the fault strike becomes harder to infer from the foreshock distribution. Following the pattern of historical seismicity, aftershocks of the J-17 earthquake migrated westwards, with seismicity concentrating in two main /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2010/2010_012rs.pdf
  • 38. VI_2015_007

    to estimate flood quantiles at ungauged locations, the method was developed and tested in cross-validation mode, considering instantaneous flood quantiles only (D = 0). Each of the eight gauged sites presented in Fig. 1 was in turn considered as the ungauged "target" site for which flood quantiles were required. The IFM was recursively developed for each target site, without using the AMF data from /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2015/VI_2015_007.pdf
  • 39. VI_2014_006

    to produce an ensemble of flow forecasts. Considering that their spatial resolution is even coarser than the one of the deterministic model, downscaling these EPS prior to use them as input to a hydrological model is recommended and has proven to increase the forecast skills (Renner et al., 2009). An alternative approach for producing high-resolution ensemble meteorological forecasts is the analogue /media/vedurstofan/utgafa/skyrslur/2014/VI_2014_006.pdf
  • 40. VI_2020_011_en

    of the hazards on the community are quantified by considering their potential to destroy critical infrastructure and the resulting potential economic damage in the absence of mitigation actions. Eruption frequency for the Vestmannaeyjar volcanic system is low relative to the frequently active volcanoes of the Eastern Volcanic Zone. In the case of an eruption within the whole system there is only a 3 /media/vedurstofan-utgafa-2020/VI_2020_011_en.pdf

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