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  • 1. News

    © Sigurlaug Hjaltadóttir Grímsvötn eruption: evening flight at Tuesday 24 May 2011 from 20:30 to 21:00 hrs. Grímsvötn eruption: evening flight at Tuesday 24 May 2011 from 20:30 /about-imo/news/bigimg/2188
  • 2. Sea ice in July 2010

    Sea ice in July 2010 One observation was received from a ship on two icebergs in location 66°25,6'N - 24°53,7'W and 66°21,4N - 24°52,2W. In July easterlies and northeasterlies were more prevailing than on average in the Greenland Strait and off the north coast of Iceland /sea-ice/monthly/2010/nr/2342
  • 3. Sea ice in November 2010

    Sea ice in November 2010 The Coast Guard did an ice survey 30th November; the ice edge was closest to land 47 nm WNW of Straumnes and the ice was scattered. Two observations from ships were received 29th November, on a strip at location 66°50´N - 24°36´W and at 67°00´N - 24°02´W. Wind directions were mostly from the northeast /sea-ice/monthly/2010/nr/2346
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    Sitemap | Observations | Icelandic Meteorological office Invalid parameter 'g'. Its value is: 24/ but should be an integer. Sitemap Front page Text forecasts | Station forecasts | El. forecasts | Observations Large quakes | Latest quakes | © IMO - Bústaðavegur 9 | 150 Reykjavík | Tel: 522 6000 /m/observations/areas
  • 5. Sea ice in June 2010

    Sea ice in June 2010 IMO received five observations on sea ice this month. On the 12th and 14th, ships observed an ice strip at 66°42'N and 24°15' W up to 66°59'N and 22°24'W. On the 14th an observation was also received from the weather station „Hraun á Skaga“ on an iceberg 10-11 nm northwest of Skagatá. On the 22nd an ice /sea-ice/monthly/2010/nr/2341
  • 6. News

    © Matthew J. Roberts An eruption began in Grímsvötn, beneath Vatnajökull ice cap, 21st May 2011 at around 19:00 hrs. Tremors had began at 17:30. This eruption was powerful for the first 24 hrs. In the early hours of 22nd May the ash plume reached 15-19 km height. The eruption was over 25th May. This photo is taken 22nd /about-imo/news/bigimg/2421
  • 7. Bjargtangar - weather station - information

    NameBjargtangar TypeAutomated observational station Station number2304 WMO number4101 Abbreviationbjarg Forecast regionBreiðafjörður(br) Location65°30.174', 24°31.870' (65.5029, 24.5312) Height above sea-level35.0 m a.s.l. Beginning of weather observations1994 Station owned byVegagerðin View the observations /weather/stations/
  • 8. News

    NASA USGS © Institute of the Earth Sciences An image from Landsat 8, NASA USGS, since 24 September 2013, shows the northern half of ice cap Hofsjökull (enlarge). A new patch (see arrow) has now been confirmed as a cauldron /about-imo/news/bigimg/2768
  • 9. News

    © Veðurstofa Íslands Aviation Colour Code for Icelandic volcanoes. An example from the web 24 April 2015. News 2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 /about-imo/news/bigimg/3128
  • 10. Sea ice in August 2010

    Sea ice in August 2010 Two observations on icebergs were received from ships in August. On the 18th a ship reported on a floe on 66°12,67'N 27°38,17'W and on the 30th a ship observed a large iceberg in location 66°56'N 24°44,4'W. Wind directions were close to the average on the Greenland Strait this month /sea-ice/monthly/2010/nr/2343

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