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  • 11. Joining forces in weather forecasting and climate research

    of how climate change will impact our countries” says Árni.A sustainable solution Powered entirely by Icelandic hydropower and geothermal energy sources and taking advantage of the local tempered climate for keeping the supercomputer components cool, the running costs and CO2 footprint will be kept to a minimum, saving tonnes of CO2 in line with the four nations' efforts towards reaching Net /about-imo/news/joining-forces-in-weather-forecasting-and-climate-research
  • 12. Risk Assessments

    riskianalyysit - ilmaston muutoksen synnyttämät riskit ja mahdollisuudet. 12.03.2009, Research Report VTT-R-01942-09, Tampere. 13 p. + app. 24 p. Linnerud, Kristin (2009) Test and evaluation of a climate risk assessment procedure. Case study: The Norwegian hydro power company SFE. CICERO, University of Oslo. Report 2009:3. Feb.2009. 44 p. ISSN:0804-4562. Linnerud, Kristin (2009) Climate change /ces/publications/nr/1941
  • 13. CASE_B__Heikki_Tuomenvirta_(FMI)_Introduction

    of climate change on the routine and periodic maintenance of roads. Helsinki 2009. Finnish Road Administration, Central Administration. Finnra reports 8/2009, 66 p. + app. 8 p. ISSN 1459-1553, ISBN 978-952-221-172-9, TIEH 3201122-v. (in Finnish, abstract in English) [5] Salanne, i., Byring, B., Valli, R., Tikkanen, R., Peltonen, P., Haapala, J., Jylhä, K., Tolonen-Kivimäki, O., and Tuomenvirta, H /media/loftslag/CASE_B__Heikki_Tuomenvirta_(FMI)_Introduction.pdf
  • 14. Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-05-07_IES_IMO

    recorded at 5-13 km depth, but fewer than yesterday. GPS deformation: Measurements from around Eyjafjallajökull indicate no major net discplaceaments, suggesting a stabilization of the surface deformation since yesterday. Other remarks: Grainsize analysis of samples taken of ash that fell on May 3rd at 64 km distance from the eruption site shows that about 5 % of the ash is smaller /media/jar/Eyjafjallajokull_status_2010-05-07_IES_IMO.pdf
  • 15. James-Smith_Edward_CES_2010

    opportunity evaluation Case studies NOE Net SEAS-NVE Findings of case studies • Distribution companies generally well equipped for climate change – Cabling of all overhead lines well under way – Distribution boxes in areas with increased risk of flooding are elevated already – Salt spray further inland is becoming an increasing problem for substations and transformers Cabling in Denmark /media/ces/James-Smith_Edward_CES_2010.pdf
  • 16. ces_geus_paakitsoq_full_report

    ) is shown. At the margin the grid boxes of the RCAO RCM are visible. The area between Illulisat and Swiss camp is commonly called Paakitsôq. respectively. The Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) Swiss Camp and Crawford are located on the ice sheet and are operated by the Greenland Climate Network (GC-net) (Steffen and Box, 2001). The locations of the stations are indicated in Fig. 1, further details /media/ces/ces_geus_paakitsoq_full_report.pdf
  • 17. Perrels-CBA

    operational cost, etc.) and the annual revenues • consider an appropriate discount rate and assess NPV (net present value), IRR (internal rate of return), and net cash flows • rank alternatives by score level • SCBA: social CBA – total benefits -/- total costs for society, in this case benefits and costs often don’t accrue (entirely) to the same organisation due to the public nature of a project /media/loftslag/Perrels-CBA.pdf
  • 18. Traffc-maintenance_expenditures

    Manage- Basic Purchase Road Road net- Const- Acquisi- Govern- Com- Participati- Value Miscel- Total 2009 ment and road of equip- system work post- ruction tion of ment missi- on of the added laneous cost operating manage- ment develop- poned-, of land grants ons European tax over- level costs ment ment comprehen- build- and com- Regional De- heads 1991- 1991- sive- and ings pensation /media/loftslag/Traffc-maintenance_expenditures.pdf
  • 19. GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen

    ). Meteorological observations carried out on Storbreen in the summer of 1955 (Liestøl1967) revealed that net radiation is the most impor-tant contributor to the ablation at Storbreen. An au-tomatic weather station (AWS) has bee operatedin the ablation zone of Storbreen since September2001 providing a near-continuous series of meteor- ology and surface energy balance data. Analysis ofthe first five years /media/ces/GA_2009_91A_4_Andreassen.pdf
  • 20. IPPC-2007-ar4_syr

    a near-zero pre-industrial background concentration, primarily due to human activities. {WGI 2.3, SPM; SROC SPM} There is very high confidence that the global average net effect of human activities since 1750 has been one of warm- ing, with a radiative forcing of +1.6 [+0.6 to +2.4] W/m2 (Figure 2.4). {WGI 2.3, 6.5, 2.9, SPM} The combined radiative forcing due to increases in CO2, CH4 and N2O /media/loftslag/IPPC-2007-ar4_syr.pdf

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